It will happen when you envision and make a mold of what you want. When you can see it, feel it, and know that it can happen, expect it to come to you and trust how the Universe brings it to you. Then it will happen.

It will happen when you stay strong and trust that what you desire is really there for you. When you can let go of 'the how' it will happen and just see the goal of what you want and be ready to take action on the opportunities that will be presented to you. Then it will happen.

It will happen when you 'act as if' it has happened within your mind. When you visualize 'as if' it is happening at this very moment you will be sending vibrations out that will attract back to you via the Universe. Using the mind state that it has already happened, whatever 'it' is, will bring to you exactly what you envision.

It will happen when you take action within yourself to let it happen. When you are able to step aside from the limited thoughts of it isn't possible and begin to see that anything is possible and unlimited, then it will happen.

It will happen when you begin to realize that others' opinions are just that... opinions from their own perspective of life; not your life. When you begin to see that others give you opinions based on what they experience rather than on what you have experienced you will see that their opinion has no power over you unless you let their perspective color your world. When you listen to advice and make decisions based on what is good for you then it will happen.

It will happen when you begin to see all that you are thankful for now. When you can see and find what you are grateful for in your life right now you will emit vibrations of gratitude and more will come to you to be grateful for through the Law of Attraction. Shift your focus to what is positive in your life.

It will happen when you go about everyday enjoying the process of getting there. Part of creating what you want through the Law of Attraction is enjoying the ride because once you create it you will begin thinking about something else to create, anyway. Part of the creation process is learning what you do and don't want. As you experience attracting and manifesting your reality enjoy the thoughts of knowing you are creating what is coming to you. Learn and grow through the experience of creating with joy. As you enjoy the process you will create more feelings of joy for both your present and future.

It will happen when you trust the timing of the Universe. When you envision the life you want trust the timing. Impatience breeds impatient vibrations. As long as you keep your eyes on the end result release the how to the Universe. Give the Universe the breathing room to bring the situations and people that are of like vibration to you in order to have your desire. Let the Universe build the solid foundation for your desires.

Then... it will happen!!!

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Beth and Lee McCain host a popular nationally syndicated weekly radio show called Radio LOA, publish the national LOA magazine, The Indicator, and teach the principles of the Law of Attraction at gatherings and seminars around the world. You are invited to visit Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site for more Law of Attraction information and free study materials.