Each and every day we encounter an opinion or belief that is in direct contrast to what we believe. We either accept that someone has a different opinion or we become frustrated with that person's opinion. And when you accept someone else's view of your life you then assume a belief about yourself that may not necessarily be true.

You see, it only matters what you think about your life. It doesn't matter what others think about your life unless you let what they think dictate your reality. When you 'buy into' what they say about you and your dreams it becomes a part of your own belief.

So are there beliefs you carry about yourself that stemmed from someone else's thoughts or suggestions? When you begin to deconstruct some of the repetitive thoughts you may have about yourself and see that they don't necessarily have to be true, you can begin to change your own repetitive mental patterns you are hanging on to.

When you feel as if you are not worth what you want then you will continue to send out a vibration that says, I can't have what I want because I don't deserve it and that pattern will continue. It always starts within you and how you want to perceive your life.

So take this a step further and ask yourself what you feel about other people's lives? Do you believe they are making wrong decisions and would be much better off just by doing what you might think is right for them? This can be another vibration that will keep others coming into your life who tell you what they think is best for you. That is how the Law of Attraction works.

It's not just about your own thoughts that you hold about you, but the thoughts you may have about others and the world in general. If your own thoughts and feelings reflect a negative world and you believe that people are out to hurt you then you will attract just that. It takes not only using your own mind to decide who and what you are but treating others in the manner you want to be treated; about what you think of them as well.

You don't have to agree with everyone about how they see or live life but be accepting and respectful of their views even if it seems totally out of this world. Even if you think you know better respect the other person's ability to create even if they are not creating what you would. And if someone wants advice always propose but never dictate a solution for them. Whether they accept your opinion or not doesn't really matter because it is your life you get to create...not theirs.

We are all here to help one another, not live each other's lives by suggestion. We can offer help and we can take help as well, just always consider if it is what you want in your life. When you're able to get into this kind of vibration the Universe will bring you more peaceful and easy solutions to your own manifestations. You will have more allowance from others and more help in some way for your own life as you begin to see and understand that everything you do with intention will attract back to you. How you see your world and how you take someone else's advice can change your direction. As you focus on what you want and consider what others have to say (as well as keep to your own visions of life) you will begin to manifest a life you truly want.

And what will bring it to you even more joyously and more permanent? Enjoying the process of getting there. Let it unfold before you and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! Because once you get what you envision, you will think of something else to create. The key to a balanced life of creation is to be present in each moment of life and enjoy life as it unfolds. Instead of just thinking of what will happen in the future or thinking about the past, start living in the now of life and enjoy the 'unfolding' of your life as it becomes what you focus on.

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Beth and Lee McCain host a popular nationally syndicated weekly radio show called Radio LOA, publish the national LOA magazine, The Indicator, and teach the principles of the Law of Attraction at gatherings and seminars around the world. You are invited to visit Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site for more Law of Attraction information and free study materials.