When a woman becomes a surrogate, she does a favor for intended parents. Both the surrogates as well as the intended parents get emotionally attached to the child during the pregnancy. Of course, there is money involved along with agreements and legal formalities. However, these things help in making the whole surrogacy journey convenient for surrogates and the intended parents.
As a society, we are matured enough to understand the importance and value of surrogates.

Do surrogates only think about the money?

It is true that most women decide to become a surrogate to resolve their financial problems. But that is not the only goal they wish to seek. After experiencing the surrogacy procedure, a surrogate feels the satisfaction of bringing a new life in this world and completing a family of a couple. In return, they get to support their own families and there is nothing wrong about this.
On the other hand, there are surrogates out there who only do it to help childless couples. They have no financial issues in their lives, but still, accept the proposals of surrogacy.

Different kinds of surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy is not the only kind out there. There is also the altruistic surrogacy, in which, the intended parents only provide the expenses required for the medical procedures and care. The commercial type of surrogacy is when the intended parents offer a fee or monthly salary to the surrogate.

Altruistic surrogacy occurs usually when the intended parents choose a family member or a friend to serve the purpose of a surrogate. There are a lot of controversy and argument around the commercial surrogacy in certain regions of the world.

Women do not become a commodity

Reputed surrogacy agencies specify the importance of emotional attachment and involvement between the intended parents and their surrogate. The rights of the surrogates are protected legally and ethical procedures are provided with the consent of the woman. There is no force or pressure on a woman to perform as a surrogate. It is her kindness to offer the service for a couple who can’t have kids.

Most reputed agencies also provide professional counseling to women who desire to be a surrogate. Women get to understand about their own physical and mental readiness to be a surrogate. This makes them well-informed about their health. So, they can decide freely whether to go ahead with the procedure or not.

All the ethical and procedural advancements around surrogacy make it convenient for the surrogates. Two well-educated parties mutually decide to indulge in an activity that makes both the parties satisfied and happy. This clearly shows the importance and effectiveness of surrogacy.

Now, you know that surrogates are free to make their decisions on their own. They obtain medical facilities and legal agreements, which further enhances the quality of experience. All of it shows that surrogacy is not about commoditizing women. It is about helping couples and surrogates with a mutual understanding between them.

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