How fascinating it would be if your career sparks out with the light of your passion! It will be far from naming it as a job; would be like not working at all!
In this age, nothing satisfies the thirst of doing what you love; not even a huge bag of money! So, now is the right time to ponder over your decisions and look out for these unwanted situations; because if you are experiencing any of these, then opt to barge out of the tunnel and step in the light of your interest.
- Imitation is your job profile
If you have that boss who expects you to suppress your originality and invites to puppet out the unreal, unknown-self; then the option is to change the track of your career train. You won’t be able to give out your best possible performance. Forcing to fit yourself in a place where there is not enough space for you, will hamper your growth. Rather, choose a place that provides you with the expected opportunities and congratulate your potential.

- Impeded Professional Growth
If the environment makes you feel like a bud without the nutrient supply; if your work doesn’t provide you any challenges; if the job is unsoothingly easy; if your boss does not assign you with professional growth then there is the perfect sign for you to give up your job. Change your career because your inherent potential is being submerged. Go there, where you can shine with withstanding arduous challenges.

- Unfulfilling gestures of appreciation
You are working well with vigorous inputs, it’s reasonable to expect timely rewards of appreciation. In fact in this competitive world, an emotional appreciation is been used to escape the actions of rewarding bonus or promotion. So if your boss is an escapist, do earn this skill from your boss and escape the unthankful environment. Start valuing yourself and become the CEO of your own life.

- Reduced Zest for the job
If you have no more fuel to revive your passion; nothing I instigating you to work every morning with a sense of purpose; then maybe you are done with your job. Find a kind of work that spurs your innate joy and whirls potential with your passion. Something that makes you want to get up with zest and reach out every morning to satisfy your career thirst.
Even if you have already entered the phase of boring work and unwanted environment; or you are still planning to end up there reluctantly, just re- decide over priorities and choose your passion.

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