Towards an Inclusive Canadian Economy!
As an inclusive economic network, It’s Time for Change (ITFC) equips members with the resources and skills they need to participate and advance their professional economic development.

ITFC has a valuable, holistic approach that supports our members, but also for all other existing businesses, organizations, and start-ups that can engage with our ITFC members across Canada. In order to reduce barriers to participation with key players and stakeholders across the economy, our key objective is to continually develop this platform to enhance economic capacity building.

Our initiatives align with the government priorities and strategic outcomes established by the Department of Indigenous Services.

At ITFC we not only want to create an inclusive environment for Canadian business development, but we also want to showcase an affordable way for businesses to connect. We want Canadians to invest in their professional evolution, by purchasing and using this platform that’s available here on home soil.

Forbes recently reported that companies like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Career Beacon have created a $200 Billion-dollar digital job placement industry. Can you imagine the impact that would have on Canadian companies in our current economy? If given the opportunity, businesses can take their dollars once committed to supporting the Indeeds of the world and reinvest it into our national economic landscape.

That opportunity is here and It’s Time for Change

ITFC Supports: Member’s Technological Advancement
All our members have equal access to programs, software, or tools (information technology (I.T)) needed to help reach their goals. As we all know, the internet and social media technologies have had a profound effect on how we live, interact, and conduct business. Certain businesses require advanced tech, while others may not.

However, all our members can access I.T. related opportunities through the connection to the ITFC platform. From here our members have the tools and resources to further their business development partnership opportunities, and strategic positioning, so members can access sustainable resources for continual online growth.

Oftentimes, we can even take these technological advancements for granted thinking we have to pay the price and live with it (e.g. we need our company to run multiple, unnecessary social media platforms such as the following; Facebook, YouTube, Google my Business, etc); or we need to have all the gadgets, bells and whistles to achieve success (e.g. Beautiful company office with iMac computers to scream accomplishment).

ITFC doesn’t support these beliefs or notions but does support technological accessibility, testing, and resource availability to help leverage all members to have the opportunities to attain their professional objectives.

Our members will never be pressured to buy products they don’t need, or experience being given outrageous direction and instruction that could overshadow our collective and collaborative professional network.

With ITFC we work with our members’ key points and benchmarks; our only goal is to help our members succeed through grass-gross collaborative action and economic development.

ITFC Supports: Access to External Partnerships
When we look at economic development from a holistic point of view, we begin to discover new ways of creating opportunities. It’s Time For Change members are finding innovative ways to collaborate and partner with like-minded organizations without costing a fortune.

When members log in to their accounts with ITFC, they have access to announcements, opportunities, workshops, and events from multiple sources curated all in one place. Even if a member isn’t interested in their latest daily notifications, we encourage all at ITFC to register their requests for opportunities simply by contacting us directly and signaling the need/or resource on their profile.

This way ITFC can push member’s posts to external parties and replicate this message further to ensure our member’s business essentials are spotlighted to the wider business community.

Our objective is to remove all barriers from businesses that feel they’re isolated from participation in the Canadian economy. ITFC members can utilize our platform unlike any other, by providing an environment for collective capacity building for national stakeholders to further advance our growing economy.

ITFC Supports: Costs & Affordability
Over the past decade, the Canadian economy has experienced a great impact due to the ever-evolving worldwide web, and thus the economic landscape has forever changed. By accelerating external promotion and partnerships through online means, internet-access is a pertinent feature for all businesses, but it can certainly come at a rising cost. One of the barriers we are eliminating for our member’s cost and affordability.

For instance, ITFC members are able to create, place, and manage job postings live on our site’s network. Members can access job postings via their push notifications and/or recent announcements section of their login portal, without charge. There are many financial benefits for everyone that joins ITFC and will never introduce hidden fees after registration.

ITFC is an all-inclusive platform for all businesses to utilize and participate within our on-site network. We want to save money for our members by helping them access revenue streams and investments all in one place.

Economic Development: Want to Support ITFC’s Mandate?
Our members have support and access to successfully participate in the national economic development initiative. ITFC provides professional, cost-efficient resources for businesses to advance their company profile and become an engaged and inclusive member of Canada’s supply chain.

We have established a new standard of inclusion, accelerating Canadian business opportunities based on the collaborative, inclusive nature of our organization and user-interface on-site, our members can access opportunities in this post-COVID economy.

Author's Bio: 

I am Walter Deagle CEO and founder of Its Time For Change(ITFC). I love to read and write about the economy of Canada, Indigenous people's growth, business opportunities, employment opportunities, and the business community.