Niagara Falls seems to be lively and more colourful in the evening. The Falls are illuminated with exciting bright of fireworks. The LED lights are lit throughout the summer months, which provide another reason to see the Falls in the evening.

Generally, tourists choose to go either for a day trip or an evening trip to the Niagara Falls. The Mississauga to Niagara Falls day tour looks bright and beautiful. It is also recommended to plan a Mississauga to Niagara Falls evening tour with family and friends. The surroundings of Falls look amazing, colourful, unique and marvellous.

Get the best of experiences by spending your evening /night at the Niagara Falls with the Niagara Falls evening trip from Mississauga. Watch the bright, illuminating night sky of the Niagara Falls with family and make the trip a memorable one.

Fireworks begin at 10 p.m., and sometimes it is subject to the weather conditions like high winds. The fireworks display is on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the special days.

It is a unique photographic opportunity and fun for the entire family. Mississauga to Niagara Falls Evening Tour will take you from Mississauga to the Niagara Falls. It is an opportunity to get on the Niagara Falls Boat Ride to the base of the beautiful Horseshoe Falls.

For those taking the Evening Tour in the summer months, you will have the opportunity for dazzling fireworks display before being dropped off.

Experience the mind-blowing beauty of Niagara Falls lit up at night. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city for a scenic drive through Niagara’s wine region and en route to your cruise launch point. Then enjoy an exciting evening boat ride along the Niagara River, up-close views of the falls and a spectacular illumination show while tasting a tasty dinner.

• Start Mississauga to Niagara Falls evening trip.
• View the falls magically lit up the colourful lights at night.
• Ride on the Niagara Falls Boat Trips to get closer to the falls.
• Enjoy the mouth-watering buffet dinner in the Falls Dining Room.
• Stop at a local winery for a wine-tasting, if time permits.
• Watch the spluttering, colourful illumination show, with fireworks on Fridays.

Enjoy the spectacular, colourful led lights with dazzling fireworks. Don’t miss a chance of visiting Mississauga To Niagara Falls Evening Tour. Make it a memorable and cherished trip of your lifetime.

Have fun!

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Niagara Falls is one of the busiest travel destinations on Earth! From the thrilling scenery to the world-class wineries tourists come from all around the world to discover Niagara Falls.