If you have been following some of the newest technology news, then you are likely to have seen that LinkedIn has undergone some kind of complete makeover.
Many people are likening this all improved LinkedIn to its social media cousin Facebook and we have to say that there is some big similarities between the two platforms. Rather than seeing this a negative, we think that it means more and more people can understand how to use LinkedIn, making it the platform of choice for the professional social media user.

The new look is rolling out as we speak, with many users already seeing the changes. So how can you make sure that you are prepared for the changes? we have got a few idea on it from Blvckdivmond BLOG . Blvckdivmond is one of the top website,UI &UX design , SEO company from costa mesa, California .

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The main changes to the layout of your LinkedIn profile
There is a good chance that the changes to LinkedIn is going to mean that more people sign up for it and check out your profile.

This means that it should be looking its best. There are four main areas that you should focus on in your profile.
In the new layout, the picture that you use on your profile is going to be a circle. So, make sure that your current picture still works, or replace it completely.


The summary part of your LinkedIn profile is an all important part of your profile, meaning that it is something that you should pay attention to. In the new layout only the first 2 lines of your summary will be shown, which means that you need to make a big impact in only 2 lines, tempting your visitors to read more!

The new layout also has affected the skills section of your profile, and you will now only see the first 3 skills that you have listed. It is possible to reorder the skills, so you should try to select the top three that you think are the best representation of you.

Background image

If you have a background image on your LinkedIn profile, then this will also be seeing some significant changes with the dimensions. The new dimensions of your cover, header and background is 1536 x 738.

It is also important to remember that your saved searches will be doing a disappearing act during the changeover, so if this is important to you there is a way that you can capture them. Simply go into your saved searches, copy your Boolean search strings and filters, pasting all the information into a word document that you can then save.

We believe that these changes to the layout of LinkedIn are great. Not only do we welcome them with open arms, but we also think that you should too. A great way to promote yourself in a professional way, if you are not already on LinkedIn then you need to get yourself on there.
If you are already a master of Facebook, then you can too be a master of LinkedIn.

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