The brain and nervous system is the main conduit for the natural electrical energy that flows through the neurons through to the tiniest pathways. Injury is the greatest source of interference in the spines messaging system that may cause damaged nerves and or interference with the firing of information to the organ systems. Another interference is the emotional tension or blocking of these pathways that affects the muscles of the body that can cause spinal nerve compression poorly replicating DNA in those areas also where organs lie. So in the healing considerations of the organ systems and other tissues in order to facilitate lasting healing there is the necessity to look at the nerves in the body and what is occurring. There have been recorded cases where the spine is adjusted through chiropractic care and other energetic therapies where nerves have regenerated. There is a need for electro magnetic flow which is stronger than pure magnetic flow in order to have the regenerative ability of the nerves stimulated. One area where there is not enough research is the joy or laughter chemical sequences. Now there is evidence that the activity of laughter releases several important chemicals: an increase in gamma interferon which is defined medically as: A lymphokine produced by macrophages and T cells that is involved in regulation of the immune system and activation of phagocytes. It has scientifically been shown to increase stem repair activity in the body when it is present. It is the single most important substance produced in larger quantities from laughter that aids in the release of blockages and stimulates healing.

In addition there are other substances released by laughter which includes: an increase in the number and activity of natural immune cells that attack viral infected cells and diseased cells. An increase in active T lymphocytes, an increase in the antibody Immunoglobulin A, an increase in the immunoglobulin Igb that is produces in large quantities in the body and endorphins are also released that fight pain in the body. Dopamine used during fight or flight is decreased so is epinephrine, cortisol, and dopac the stress response neuro
endocrine hormones.
In the sticking of the blockages where the messages from the nerves are not delivered or flowing correctly there are obvious ways to unblock those pathways and to cause regeneration for the being knows this: laughter is contagious and to laugh together is a powerful mirror neuron activity of great joyous experience that moves quickly to light then to UV band light of the biological blue matrix energetically in order to keep the breathing mechanism working correctly and the lungs engaging oxygenation fully between with deep inhales between vocal laugher with DNA instructions for new cellular activity of cleared energy. An entire body then has the dispersal of these hormonal sequences for the benefit of change and if the observer knows this then the activity of neuron regeneration is possible for neurons that carry information to each other is not unlike contagious laughter that we enjoy with friends. If a being knows this while laughing and sees neuron regeneration sending the message through the nervous system then that is a language those neurons understand; like friendships that die and new ones form.
For healers and other CAM workers the correlation between the information in this article and their therapies will have to be observed in order to see the regenerative potentials in each therapy applied over time. In Blue Matrix Energetics there is a challenge with some clients as there is in any practice and the principals of joyous laughter and happiness to regenerate tissue and nerves may be applied by the practitioner in passing the information to the client. Such may enhance the healing effects of the sessions and training modules.

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