It keeps moving... Doesn't stop and never slows down. Sometimes you'll say it flies. It goes by pretty quickly.

It's time

And it doesn't wait. Time doesn't wait for you to get started. You want to make changes... you have to start now. Stop putting things off, time is running out. If you've been putting off your goals, not getting started, not doing what you need to do then you're running out of time.

You don't have an endless supply of time.
You have a limited amount of time.
Each day that goes by never comes back.
Each day that you put off doing something, put off achieving your goals, put off doing what you need to do you waste time.
And you put off your success.

But it gets worse.

Because when you keep putting things off you form the habit of wasting time. Your subconscious and your inner powers pick up on that habit. And they think you want to keep putting things off. So they find ways for you to waste more time. You get distracted, you lose focus and you put things off.

You may not know it but you've programmed your subconscious mind and inner powers to waste time and so you keep putting things off until it becomes a habit that leads to more struggle, more failure and more frustration.

But you can put an end to all that. You can change the habit. Just give your subconscious mind and your inner powers new instructions, so that you start making the most of your time.

Your subconscious mind and your inner powers will do anything you tell them; they'll follow your instructions. Those instructions are your habits, your thoughts and your beliefs.

So if you're not making as much money as you want, if you're not in the right relationship, if you're not as healthy as you want to be then you need to change the instructions that you're sending to your subconscious mind and inner powers.

Give them the right instructions so you get what you want.
You do that by thinking about what you want.
By believing that you can have what you want.
You'll have to get specific because your subconscious and your inner powers want specific instructions.
Give them vague directions and you'll get vague results.

So get clear on what you want. Then start giving your subconscious mind and your inner powers the right instructions by just taking action now and being consistent. Do this every day.

Life's too short to give up before you start. The time you have keeps getting shorter.
Don't waste the time you have left by putting things off or thinking about the past.
Start living the life you want today.
You are a powerful person.
More powerful than you realize.
Stretch Yourself and begin directing that power to bring you the success, happiness and joy you want.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Author's Bio: 

An expert on relationships, leadership, peak performance, and change management, Ron Broussard has been sharing with his audience and clients over the last 10 years valuable insights and winning strategies to help stretch them to the next level, both professionally and personally.

Ron brings his insider views and unique relationship perspectives from his 26 year career and weaves these perspectives into all of his programs. He creatively demonstrates simplicity solutions to help others stretch themselves to discover their true potential on their path to success.

Ron is the CEO of Entheos Consulting Groups, which provides consulting, assessment, training, and coaching services for Fortune 500 companies as well as to smaller organizations. The company primary expertise focuses on peak performance in all aspects of your life, stretching you to find your fullest potential.