It Is Time to Get Your Firearms License

Federal Arms License has become a necessary thing to acquire ever since Obama made regulations in FFL transfers. Many people have asked How to get FFL, but before looking into this question, you would have to consider the requirements of an FFL holder.

FFL Holder Requirements

 Following are some of the things which will be required from you if you become an FFL holder;

  • If you receive a license as a firearms dealer, you would have to carry out a firearms business.
  • While you are in the middle of the application process, an ATF officer will probably contact you for further information.
  • Whatever purchases you carry out of firearms, you need to prepare organized records of everything for at least 20 years.
  • You should expect that ATF officers will routinely check your documents.
  • ATF informs about every applicant to the state as well as local authorities.
  • You would have to give a detailed report of firearms traces when the ATF requests.

Restrictions Given By BATF

There are a few restrictions that are given by BATF. You need to make sure that you follow them or are not going against these rules before applying for a Firearms License;

  • You must have a physical address. P.O boxes are not accepted.
  • If you want to acquire a license, you need to plan on selling ammunition and firearms. Most people sell ammunition and not guns, which is why they cannot get a permit.
  • You should have the intention to sell guns for profit. You cannot just buy guns for yourself and not sell them.
  • It would help if you were not a fugitive because, in that case, you cannot acquire a firearms license at all.
  • You should be present in the United States of America legally and not through any illegal immigration process.
  • A person wanting a firearms license should at least be 21 years old.
  • You cannot be a user of any controlled substance like marijuana or any other narcotics.
  • You should not have any court order which restrains you from harassing someone.

You need to understand every word in the paperwork fully. In addition to this, you should not lie about anything. Keep in mind that an ATF officer will interview you as well, and they can quickly run a background check on you. If you are rejected for some reason, it will become tough for you to acquire a firearms license again. It is also best to get the necessary documents that might be needed in the future, like a business license and sales tax permit.


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