The book the “The Power of Now” changed the topography of spiritual pop culture.
The “Power of Now” allowed people to coin really cool phrases like, “It is what it is,” and “The only time that we have is now.” You know that a book is a pop culture phenomenon when Wall Street yuppies are admitting that they have a problem with their ego. The book was a major success, partly because it shattered our view of what time really is.

Everything is in the now! There is no such thing as the past, present, or future. The book helped us to have a better understanding of how the cosmos really work. The flow of time is really just a standard of measurement that was created by modern man. Our ancestors lived much simpler lives. When the sun came up, they got up and worked. When the sun went down, they prepared to go home and rest.

However, our ancestors had a different perception of time. They didn’t believe that the past was etched in stone, or the future was virtually unpredictable. They understood that everyone experiences time differently. They knew that time could speed up, or slow down, depending on how a person chose to perceive it. Most importantly, they knew that the past, present, and future existed all at the same time. This is the power of now!

Now there are some people who would disagree with this concept. After all, we have been condition to believe that the past is the past. We can’t change it. The past is a series of events that are cloaked and darkness. However, the past works very much like a Polaroid camera. The past is just a series of snapshots. You have to shake it in order for it to develop. We have to jog our memory and trigger certain emotions and thoughts that will enable us to re-experience a certain event. In short, we are able to travel and re-visit the past, through our bank of memories.

Now, there are many who would argue that the past is just an illusion. However, since the past, present, and future are all connected in some kind of way. The past cannot be an illusion without the present being an illusion. Are you confused yet? I have a much easier way to explain this concept. Everything in our Universe already exist! It exists whether we know about it or not. The things that we don’t know about are shrouded in darkness. They are virtually dormant until we decide to shed light on it and bring it to life.

What is lightness? Lightness is awareness, enlightenment, attaining a higher level of consciousness. What does this have to do with changing the past? Everything! We not only have our own bank of memories. We also inherit memories from our ancestors. These memories are a part of us and are stored in our DNA. Because we believe in a linear conception of time, we don’t believe that we can access these memories. So these memories are cloaked in darkness and are unchanging.

Meditation commonly used to shed light on dark memories that have been lost in the past. Traditionally, meditation has allowed us to "travel" to the past, to rediscover lost memories that are needed to help us heal. We carry so much pain and we are not able to heal properly, because we no longer have access to our source. It was God who said, "Let there be light," and there was light. Let us shed light on our past and maybe we can bring something wonderful to life.

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