It is time for a Divine Unraveling...Simply push play, receive, and let go of what no longer serves you...

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A few months ago, I heard a powerful quote. A preacher I was watching on T.V. said;

"We cannot change that which we've grown to tolerate."

As I felt his words dig into my heart and mind, I contemplated the vast conflict of allowing a sense of intolerance to enter into my consciousness. Although uncomfortable to engage in what felt like an exhumation, I could see the truth in the preacher's statement.

New age teachings often teach that thoughts that are lacking in gratitude (feeling anger, desire for change, or intolerance) are the cause of much misfortune and undesired manifestation.

We are taught to focus only on the positive, and on what is working, and cautioned against giving any energy, thoughts or time to that which is not.

Yet, as I reflected upon what I had grown to tolerate, I began to understand the opportunity we are all facing.


Setting an Intention to Live from Inspiration...Not Desperation...

Are You Feeling It?

An overwhelming feeling of disinterest in continuing in old patterns, roles, and responsibilities seems to be a prevalent experience amongst many people right now.

Maybe it's like the old adage, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

And yet, if you have come to tolerate – or accept – what should no longer be tolerated in your life, such as the habits of thought that cloud what you see as possible, is a turn around less likely to manifest?

Are you unclear as to what you truly want, what is "right," what you believe will bring you a sense of meaning and engagement, and what to DO to begin facilitating some sort of change?

Because, if so, understandably, it can be challenging to know where to begin!

Inspired Action vs. Desperate Measures

Shifting into a focus of who we choose to be, as opposed to what to do, will ultimately open the door to the clarity in the doing part, in the form of inspired action, rather that desperate movement.

In the meantime, as you await your instructions it can feel as if nothing is happening. Impatience, doubt an unworthiness may hinder you from creating the field of openness and consciousness that is receptive to Divine guidance.

The form of instruction may not be obvious, the instructions may be vague, and the picture is often incomplete. As one of my clients, Soul-Based Attorney, Juliet Oberding recently spoke of, we just need to follow the breadcrumbs and be OK with not seeing the big picture of the larger plan.

Over the years I have found that many people simply don't have the level of support and structure to truly engage in this level of surrender, faith, unity and trust without crumbling underneath the weight of its intensity.

It is in the in-between places that we often revert back to old thinking and behaviors, sometimes just moments before the clarity arrives in its own timing and the miracle is made manifest.

Are You Denying Your True Self?

Denying your true self and the passions that are your GIFTS from your Source, just ain't working anymore! Over time, denial of passions leads to boredom, resentment, and in the long run, can lead to all sorts of dysfunction.

Whether we experience dysfunction within ourselves, our bodies, our relationships, or our work or finances, at some point, we just got say, "Enough! It's time to take responsibility for my own shift™!"

Meaning, at least a deep sense and conscious connection to your true and destined meaning, may be lacking and it could be the underlying reason for a feeling of confusion or disengagement.

Instability (influenced by anything that you perceive as insecure) in your life and fears of an uncertain (or negatively projected) future can become the main focus of attention.

Understandably, you can become easily distracted (from TRUTH and POTENTIAL) and lose focus and faith, all the while questioning, "What’s wrong with me?"

Without a foundation in meaning, purpose, and clarity in direction – those things that truly stimulate our souls and engage our minds and hearts - life can feel, well, a little bit like a pinball machine.

Maybe you are bouncing from one thing, task, responsibility, or crisis to another but don't feel that desired sense of being grounded in anything particular – or meaningful.

Maybe you find yourself obsessively reflecting on a past that no longer exists and ruminating over a future that is not yet here.

Being fully present to the here and now moments (and all the perfection and miracles that come with being present), is challenging at best.

Sound familiar?

Deep down, I truly believe that all human beings want and need the same things.

· Love and belonging,

· Expression of one's freedom of choice,

· A sense of contribution, meaning, and worth (and various forms of acknowledgment and validation),

· Fun and pleasure, and

· Being a part of something larger than ourselves ...

These needs are just as core to human existence as those things we equate with physical survival.

But...our responses to meeting these needs are often personality based, influenced by our conditioning and the vast sense of limitation that occurs when we lose touch with our Soul's mission here on planet earth....

Hence the Divine Unraveling that is required to open to a wisdom and vision of your soul...

This is what you will experience in The Soul's Journey to Expression...a unique teleclass and guided Soul Journey series that will open you to journey deeper and far above your human knowledge into that of the DIVINE...

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Blessings, Ani

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Anita Pathik Law is a coach, hypnotherapist, published author, speaker, an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a powerful voice in the consciousness movement. Founder of The Power of Our Way Community and host of Conscious Dialogues, for over 17 years she has worked with thousands of people around the globe to help them “Raise Consciousness and Take Responsibility for Their Own Shift.” Known as a manifestation magnet and a “midwife to the soul,” Anita has leveraged the power of the mind and spirit to overcome the seemingly impossible. She guides her clients to tap into their own mastery by awakening to and aligning with their soul's purpose to receive their inknown wisdom and gifts.

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