God speaks to us. And when He does, in an instant we see our surrounding as a landscape painting. With so many preaching et al, it is hard to discern what among those is God’s message to us. However, most of the time, God speaks to us not in a general manner. He knows us greatly, majestically!

He knows what we feel and from our thoughts and emotion and from the situation we are in, He will address us. And you will know how personal the message is once it is sent. Preaching, no matter how it is backed up by verses from Holy Books, is based from human subjective judgment. Someone who can be furious with us can get a verse to hit us while professing it in a very loving manner. Even those picturesque messages that we see online are human creation. They are written based on emotion. Some are meant to attack from their own judgment and impression of us when human minds could not fathom what is really in and on us. No matter how loving the message is or how furiously it attacks us, we can tell it is not for us when it did not appease our heart and when artworks for sale is a better diversion. We know when something is hurting. For physical pain, we resort to medicines—of whether it is herbal or synthetic. But if it is our emotion that pricks, we resort to outlet-- to tears, to fury, or perhaps have a chit chat with someone else over this or better yet can act maturely and let it stay in our heart. Yet we wonder why we are led to something that in an instant we feel at peace or in a snap such emotional pain is relieved as if it was not even felt in the first place. From then we can discern that such emotional pain is justified. It is valid. It did not come from our negative mind but it was inflicted on us and God is with us.

We can tell if it is from God and not from orchestrating human being to deliver us a message out of their very own human assessment of the situation. The message of God to each of us is like holiday cards or gift wraps for different occasions. It is personalized. Words inspire us. They motivate us. They uplift us. But when sometimes we do feel otherwise, then these words are not for us. It is out of our situation. We will know why in times we are down with emotional pain and in a minute we are up again and not because we have moved on or we are too strong to overcome such but because God’s message has already been delivered to us and our heart is touched. From then you can tell that your pain is not just brought by your own thought but it has been inflicted. And if that is the case and God found his best way to ease the pain, then you know He is your ally which makes the person who caused such on you an enemy.

God speaks to us without human orchestration. The message of someone preaching whom he knows by heart to whom he is addressing his rebuke and using a quote from Holy book as a backup to his emotion is not a message from God but it is a message of human heart to some human soul. It is best then to strengthen our faith so that discernment of God’s message need not require human intervention for if it is God who speaks, our heart is pacified and again once it reaches us no matter how painful our heart is feeling, at once we will see our surrounding as landscape painting.

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Jocelyn Aps is the Business Development Manager at Artyii, Asia's leading community for emerging artists focusing on Asian art. Launched in November 2010, Artyii offers a powerful global platform to discover emerging Asian art. Over 500 artists from Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have trusted Artyii, thus far. Membership is by-invite only. Apart from sharing art, artists can communicate with gallery owners. She spreads article in the net that can be anything like relationship, womanhood, family, etc and make wall painting and arts metaphoric to them.