Do you love God? How do you love God? Does your love for God seem to be 'lip service' or heartfelt love? Has God given you a reason to love him today? Does he need to do something miraculous to receive your love?

God loved us before the foundation of the world. God loved us while we continued daily in waist deep sin. God loves the backslider. That's right, you...having a experience with God, born again, a new creation! The world kept tapping you on the shoulder, come on, you know you miss the booze, the wild sex and blowing your paycheck gambling, while your family goes without. god never stopped loving, caring, desiring your return, in fact he longs for it. Could you love someone that tells you they love you, but stays out drunk every night and sometimes doesn't even bother coming home? Do you still love that spouse that cheated on you? Has your wife's love wavered, because your 'sure bet' on the game just blew the month's mortgage? No, flesh doesn't exist in the realm of love like God's. If someone really loves you they hang in there and probably continue in that relationship, loving you and hoping, praying for change. Sooner or later that love begins to break down and eventually diminishes until its dead. God's love is patient, from everlasting to everlasting. He waits and continues to wait, because he knows if your character has ever encountered him, YOU WILL BE BACK! Like the prodigal son, God will have prepared a great feast for you and Heaven will be applauding your return.

If only we we equipped to love like God. Know what, we are! The Holy Spirit is that kind, compassionate, gentleman like being, that gives us that indwelling ability to love like God, because he is God, living within us.

If we can defeat our biggest foe, selfishness, and put our loved one in the same place God continually places us, you will see a miracle begin to unfold. Your partner will not be able to grasp what has hold of you. When you come home drunk, instead of WWIII, tell your lover that we need to talk and whatever their chasing, that the love you have for them is stronger and greater, because Jesus Christ is empowering you to deal with this situation. Whether it's a strained relationship over sex, finances, an addiction, whatever, know God will forgive you the moment you ask. If your partner is a Christian they are empowered to forgive you and their love will endure a great deal.

If people can step back and look at the situation from the point of who loves you, maybe, just maybe, God will open your eyes to the selfishness that is the underlying enemy.

God has put family, friends, mates in your life and he's equipped each one especially to deal with each others short comings. It's hard to live the prodigal son's story, to be that father watching a loved one throw his life away, but opening his arms wide and receiving him, no questions asked when he returns.

If we will come down off our prideful, selfish high horse and reach out to each other, because we love and care for someone's welfare, God will reward us.

His love was demonstrated for us on Calvary, his love is demonstrated in church services, his love is demonstrated in the jungles of Brazil, in the hidden churches of Russia and China. His love for mankind never wavers.

Try tomorrow to reach inside yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to love that person in your life so powerfully, so endlessly, they'll know without a doubt that God has gotten hold of your heart.

Author's Bio: 

64 year old male living with wife of 43 years, Linda, in Virginia Beach, Va. Have served in the Naval Reserve and am a Vietnam Veteran. Have worked as an Import Manager in a Customs House Brokerage firm, 21 years as a Route Salesman, truck driver for a local newspaper and a logistics team member for Target. Recently retired, own a website promoting neuropathy/diabetic products. Authored two Christian books.