1. Punjabi weddings.
Punjabis really know how to party and the ceremony of “Jaago” proves it on point where the whole family celebrates all night, and tells everybody that its celebration time in their house and everybody is invited similarly ‘Ghada Gharoli’ is a ritual practiced by the bride’s family on her wedding day and before she wears her Wedding Dress The bride’s mother and brother’s wife along with the whole family go to a nearby temple dancing and celebrating and bring a pitcher full of water, on their heads. The Water is said to be holy. The bride has to bathe with this holy water before she wears the wedding outfit.

2. Bengali weddings.
In Bengal the wedding tradition turns out to be a little brutal for the groom’s mother as she is not allowed to attend his son’s big day for the sake of her son’s happy married life, Also, all the married women from bride’s family welcome goddess Durga to the marriage By presenting ganga aarti and pray for a blissful married life for the couple

3. Tamil Brahmin wedding.
The most strange part of the Tamil weddings is that the groom has to change his mind a few minutes before he sits for his wedding, he is even expected to run away, and assume himself to be a sanyaasi and then the father of the bride will make him understand about the importance of marriage and convince him to marry his daughter.

4. Gujarati weddings.
Before the groom enters the mandap he needs to go through this extremely weird tradition called Madhuparka. This is a ritual where the bride’s parents welcome the groom by washing his feet with a mixture of milk and honey, and then he needs to drink that “portion”.

5. Bihari wedding.
The newly wed bride is expected to showoff her balancing skills on the very first day of her married life by carrying earthen pots one over the other, which is given to her by her mother-in-law and seek blessings from all the elderly members present in the family without breaking any of the earthen pots.

6. Getting married to a tree.
This is the most unusual and weird marrying process, which is carried out only in India. If the bride is Manglik she has to marry the Peepal tree or any animal first and only then she can actually get married to a human. It is a superstitious belief that either the bride or the groom will die after marriage if the bride does not gets married to the tree first.

7. Sindhi marriage.
In Sindhi marriages, a ritual called ‘Santh’ is practiced where an anklet is tied to the ankle of the bride and groom after which eight married women pour oil on them as a blessing. Only after the oil is poured on them are they allowed to wear shoes and break earthen pots together as an indication of the breaking of old relationships in addition to which groom’s clothes are torn which also signifies getting rid of old connections

8. Tribal weddings.
Only few tribal communities follow this tradition. According to this ritual after the man and the woman get married, the woman is kept in some hidden place for one year and is not allowed to interact with people. Exactly after one year has passed, senior members approve the marriage and then there is a huge function held in the community and they celebrate the wedding.

9.Rajasthani Wedding
In Rajasthan the bride is expected to attack the groom with a real sword to check the strength and presence of mind of her groom, whether he gets injured or he ducks and saves himself.

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