Money itself is difficult to have, but some have discovered the secret of attracting money.

The secret of attracting money is not a new idea; however, many people do not know about it, and some of those who do are too lazy to apply it into their lives. They can always come up with an excuse.

Many successful individuals in this world, from Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, to JD Rockefeller and many others, believe that the secret of attracting money is manifested by the Law of Attraction, thinking positive to get positive consequences.

That is because the secret of attracting money starts with two A’s: Attitude and Action.

The secret of attracting money requires dedication, perseverance, positive thinking, and resourcefulness for it to take effect in your life.


There are so many methods which successful people have compiled to help others discover the secret of attracting money, but this guide will show you the most common elements:

• Find Out What Your Biggest Goals Are
o Start by determining exactly how much money you want.
o Once you envision this, your mind will become aware of a precise goal and then will start to devise a strategy on how to achieve it.
o For example, you would like to own a house worth 2 million dollars. Envision those 2 million dollars.
> You can even write a check for yourself. This is where it all starts.

• Determine Your Time Limit For Achieving That Goal
o When you set a date on when you want to put a checkmark on that goal, what happens is that you will have a sense of urgency.
o With determination and perseverance, your mind and body will find ways on how to stop procrastination and start taking action.

• Know That You Will Face Trade-Offs
o Be aware that this will be a challenge. It is not going to be a walk in the park for you.
o Condition yourself for the many endeavors ahead of you once you face the path to your goal.
> There will be trade-offs, such as sacrificing your time and energy in exchange for hard work and delaying self-gratification to save more money.
> All successful individuals have faced trade-offs before they were able to achieve their goals with the secret of attracting money.
> Do not sacrifice your well-being and self-worth, for these are more valuable than any money in the world. Know your limits.

• Devise A Step By Step Strategy
o Without a guide for you to follow in order to achieve your goal, you will wander aimlessly and get distracted easily.
o Make your strategy as accurate as you can, and always follow up with Plan B because not everything will come your way.

• Put It Down In Pen And Paper, And Always Remind Yourself
o This is the most important part of the secret of attracting money.
o When you are about to embark on the journey, do not put it all in your head. There must be a physical form for you to remember your goal.
o Be creative on how you do it: through a Vision Board, a Journal, or any other way to give a clear representation of your Goal and your Strategy.

So, there is no day like today. Life is filled with so many opportunities, and let your guide be the secret of attracting money!

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Manifesting more money in your life is a goal that everyone aspires to but very few achieve. However, great wealth and abundance can easily be yours when you learn the secret of attracting money.