Then issues concerning using energy manifestation in a negative way, or as some would call it “Black Magic”

Today a client who was very angry with a man who had treated her horribly, asked me about using black magic and creating negative energy to make him as miserable as he had made her.

Here is the thing, if you use life energy or “chi” energy to create negativity towards another, it can stick to you and do you just as much harm as you plan to do to them.
You must know what you are doing if you are to use energy focused on another or it can really harm you as well, and sometimes permanently.
Yes, I understand that you are already semi consumed with negativity to begin with even to consider taking this step, but if you take it a step further, into manifestation of negativity into the physical realm, that stuff can stick to and inside you for a lot longer than it would otherwise.
Let me give you an example and then let me give you a more simple way of venting this energy out of yourself towards the one you are angry with, without doing quite as much damage.
First I will give you the example. You decide as a novice to call on every spirit, elemental, or any spiritual creature that may be floating around to help you with your work. So guess what you are going to get? That’s right a bunch of negative spirits or negatively charged elementals (they are neither good not bad, just reacting to your energy an intent) who will connect to you as you have willingly opened yourself up to them.
You being novice do not know how to protect yourself from this, so you invite them in and charge them with your anger and hatred you feel for you quarry.
So you now have a lot of entities that are negatively charged sucking off your own psychic energy and they are attached to you through anger and hatred… They are not human; they do not know our ideals of good and bad (not the kind you attract for this kind of work anyway) and you being a novice do not know how to make them go away.
So after your intended work is completed, your victim may have a really bad time but now you are stuck with some pretty bad energy beings who are sucking of YOUR energy…
Not a happy way to live.
However, if you don’t do something you will still have all this anger and negative feelings eating you up. So I will purpose another method of releasing this while still giving your wrongdoer a bad day, or many if you do it right without doing as much harm to you.

The key here is moderation in practicing in what I am about to teach you, so you do not get caught up in an obsession. Do not do this often and balance it with white light energy work, or things can go bad for you.
OK, here is what you do.
Feel the places in your body where the negativity is festering. Usually the heart and gut but it may be in other places. Draw up energy from the earth, let it run through your body and use it to fill up the places where your anger lies. Those places are damaged by the betrayal you are feeling and need healing so allow the earth energy (life force energy) to fill them up and begin the healing process while also making them more powerful. Then examine these places in your body where you feel this extreme anger and see what color it is. Many see red, some see black, and some see a murky muddy color. It is different for everyone.
Let those places build with the rage you feel while filling them with the life force energy until you feel it is very powerful and strong. Then direct this energy into a “tool” like a doll or something that represents the person. A picture of them or having something personal of theirs will help make the connection. Use this tool to make as strong a psychic connection as you can to this person and then while focusing your anger and energy into this tool that you visualize as them directing it from the places in your body where you have been building up the anger energy. If possible focus on what you want them to feel to make them as miserable as they have made you.
Then let all this energy flow into this tool, which is connected to them with a strong push from the areas you have been building energy.
Now let the energy go into it until you are emotionally spent.
If done right you will feel either exhausted or empowered. At any rate you should have begun healing the energy points they have damaged by treating you so badly.
When you are done you must cleans yourself with white light by using more earth energy to fill up your angry places with happy calm loving energy and surround yourself in an egg of this white light. IF you do not, you may get stuck in a negative energy state and this is very bad.

OK, now you must not do the anger spell more than once every seven days until your are satisfied and your anger is gone.
But remember, if you spend more time creating negative energy towards another that you do creating positive energy, you may not be creating a lot more problems for yourself.

I do not use this ritual myself, as it is not the way I want to use my energy, but if you are stubbornly bent on doing a negative spell this is the safest one to do that will have any effectiveness.

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