Security training and awareness is the first line of defence. No organisation regardless of its size is exempt from the critical need for a security expert within its organisations structures and functions. At International Secure Minds Training Academy, ISMTA, we offer a comprehensive security training course package that address current and emerging security threats and concerns. Security management ranks as a top priority in the current national and global situation. Our unique security training course is structured to provide practical and locally available solutions to these concerns. We understand the security industry intimately and have designed and offered these courses with an over the top success rate.

ISMTA is industry recognised security training and Management Company that provides tailor made courses.ISMTA offers a unique online training platform where you purchase the training course on a pay as you learn options. This option is very popular with individuals or corporate organisations that desire to learn at their own pace or controlled and tailor made environment. The three training courses also provide a comprehensive course option that will meet individual or corporate organisation’s needs, competency and entry level qualifications.

ISMTA is affiliated and accredited with:

- The Security Institute, UK’s leading and largest by membership, professional body for security experts.

- Industry Qualifications, IQ an awarding organisation founded by UK security players mutual principles.

- CTR Secure Services. A completely difference security provider that listens, understands and provide the relevant security solutions to an industries specific needs. CTR has a global clientele base for its services.

A security training management course offers very unique benefits to an individual or a company.

These benefits include:

- Critical security awareness and detection skills necessary in a world that is continually reinventing threats to security.

-The opportunity to design custom made security measures and response variances that address the specific security threats to your organization.

- Low security budget. Our course helps you to identify all unnecessary and redundant security measures.

- A versatile, concise, and comprehensive online course that allows you to study at you convenience.

- Improved employment opportunities for individuals who take our course.

- A unique option to pay as you learn which is not available anywhere else.

- Several tailor made courses to choose from depending on your entry level qualifications.

At ISMTA, we provide a wide variety of courses. This courses have been divided into three broad categories:

-Level 5 awards and diplomas for those looking for a professional certification through the industry approved Awarding Body, Industry Qualifications.

- Level 3 qualifications. A comprehensive package that offers security management competency qualifications.

- Short courses that introduce and provide information on specific security related topics that include; terrorism awareness course, travel security and lone worker protection course.

ISMTA provides the perfect security training solutions that will allow any organisation to be aware and adequately prepared to address, solve and counter any threat to security. It is easy to enrol for the online security training course and enjoy the friendly payment options. A security training certificate from ISMTA will open numerous opportunities in the UK and beyond for the individual and corporate organisation that takes considers security a top priority.

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