Every religion in this world has the special attachment to the peace and harmony and there is no religion in this world that urges the human being to create mess and chaos in the society. Islam is the great supporter of peace and harmony that urges you to do the things for the peaceful environment in the best possible way. Islam is the Arabic word and if you see in the word of Islam, there is “Salam” that means peace. The word “Assalam Alaikum” is the best symbol of the peace that means “Peace be upon you” and whenever you meet someone then it is compulsory for you to make “Assalam Alaikum” to the other that is the symbol of respect and dignity but most of that it’s a prayer that gives you the strength of personality.

In the verses of Quran Allah Almighty says, the explanations are such below, in the name of Allah who is most Merciful and the most Compassionate. This the powerful verse of the Quran that explains that Allah Almighty showers His blessings to everyone in this world and there is no discrimination among the human beings regarding that. you will see that there are lots of non-believers who have lots of wealth and all the facilities that doesn’t mean that Allah like the non-believers, it is the biggest symbol that Allah shower his blessings to everyone and give us chances, again and again, to turn our personality in such way that we all are directed towards the righteous religion that is Islam. You see in your daily life that the Makkah has the unique importance and the great significance among all the Muslim community in which crowd of thousands and thousands of the Muslims just gather to ensure their forgiveness and seek the blessing of Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent through the best cheapest Umrah tour packages
. Whenever you aim to get the pleasure of Allah Almighty then you should make the good deeds for the betterment of the human beings that will be worthy of you.

We should also play our role to maintain the peace of the society so that we can also act as a great supporter to create harmony among the people. but before that, we should have the proper knowledge of about the religion and we can convey to the others in a better way. you can arrange the religious gatherings as well to contribute to creating the peace and harmony among the people. most of the people have availed through the Hajj tour package 2017 from London. You can also be the part of this sacred gathering by having these best packages.

In the history of Islam, it is full of such incidents in which you will see the amazing values of this religion that no one will offer. Even during war times, the clear instructions has been given to the Muslims that not to kill the innocent, poor’s, children, women’s and those who are not able to defend themselves. And they are not allowed to force the religion to any other as it is the matter of heart and soul you cannot make force to anyone to accept the Islam.

Today the world consist of many countries in which different people are living their lives according to their culture and the traditions associated with the different religions. But they are being forced by many resources to accept that the Islam is the religion that is creating the chaos in this world, the followers of this religion are greatly making the terrorism in the many parts of the world and they are responsible for every massacre in this world. though it is completely a false concept about Islam as there is not even single line In Islam that supports the disruptive behavior in the favor of terrorism.

You will see that there are lots of examples in the history of the world when you see the best traditions of this country that gives the security to everyone in this world. the concept of Islam is simple but very vast that gives all the rights to minorities with respect to their life status and working as well as their religious deeds with great freedom. You will see the amazing spiritual changes when you enter the fold of Islam that is the religion of peace and harmony in a real sense.

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