Women were considered as animals before arrival of Islam. Women were declared mindless and ridiculous being. After Islamic uprising, women were specified distinct status in all parts of life. Women were protected in all areas like social, economic, political and local life. Islam has highlighted some privileges to defend her integrity. Woman is proposed a superior and social rank in the state life. In spite of the social reception of woman infanticide among some Arabian groups, the Qur'an forbidden this custom, and recognized it a misbehavior and lawbreaking like any other killing. There are numerous verses of the Holy Quran in which parentages are severely forbidden to misbehave with their female children. In the stanza of Holy Quran, God says that appearances of parents become dim and filled with sorrow, when they saw birth of female. Conferring to tradition of the Holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), if a being does not burry her daughter and does not misbehave with her and he does not give priority her son over daughter, he will be entered into paradise by Allah Almighty. Moreover, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) also said that if somebody sustain two daughters till they grown up, he and I will arise in the final day (and he fixed with his two fingers comprised together). Similarly, seeking information is obligatory for both man and woman Muslims.

Part of woman being wife is also very significant for social advance. Marriage is a procedure in which two people unite two halves of the civilization. This organization continues human life, reinforce emotional happiness and spiritual harmonization. This basis depends on fondness and sympathy. The stanza of the Holy Quran 30:21 says that Allah Almighty has shaped pals for us from ourselves in order to discover relaxation and amity of mind and God has ordered to safeguard love and compassion between us. Certainly, there are signs for people who disclose.

Ibn Abbas uttered that a girl advanced the Messenger of Islam, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and she told that her father had imposed her to marry without of her contract. The Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) provided her the choice between approving the marriage or cancelling it.

In other way, the girl said that truthfully she approves this marriage but she wishes to let females identify that parents have no control i.e. to force a partner on them.
Together with with all other necessities for her defense at the time of marriage, it was precisely commanded that woman has the full authority to her Mahr, a wedding gift, which is offered to her by her partner and is encompassed in the marriage agreement, and that such possession does not move to her father or spouse. Faith has given completely right to get her Mehr or a marriage hiba from her spouse and it is stated in agreement and it is her own possessions and no one even father or husband can gain this or demand it. The impression of Mahr in Islam is neither an actual or symbolic worth for the woman, as was the condition in certain states, but rather it is a gift representing love and affection.

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