Without moral values and ethics, human beings are just animals. If we want to be successful in our relationships with others and in our social dealings. we have to abide by moral values and standards. Islam has laid down some fundamental and moral standards which guide us how to live our life and how to react or respond in difficult situations. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has also placed a special importance on the growth and development of personality. Modesty or shyness is also one of important values of moral values. It plays an integral role in personal growth and in self-esteem of person. The value of modesty is very necessary in all religious and worldly affairs with Allah Almighty and with the other human beings. Allah Almighty had ordered His all messenger to practice shyness or modesty in their dealings. Our beloved last Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) once said that it is the shyness or modesty which make person great and superior in other fellow beings. It decorates person with all ethics values like humbleness, integrity, fairness, equality and so on. Moreover, it protects person from attacks of evil activities and whimsical desires. Being an integral part of moral system or ethics, we are enjoined to implement it in all walks of life. Our public gathering as well as solitude must be replete with modesty and modest behavior. On other way, modesty is necessary when we worship Allah Almighty and ask His help or mercy. Our Lord like modesty. Thus, we can say that modesty is part of our basic and fundamental belief or faith. All Muslims all are ordered by Allah to practice modesty in their routine lives and when they behave with their fellow beings. Without modesty, our soul become victim of filthy or futile ideas.

The value of modesty is a decisive and fundamental tool in the personal advancement of person. With the help of this, we come to know how to speak or behave in public places or with different people. We must speak with modest way or with decent method. Islam prohibits a loud voice and shouting during conversion with others. It is bad manner and damages worth or glory of person. Likewise, untamed and aggressive behavior will invite destruction and damage of personality of person. The Most modest person feels shyness when he faces his Lord, Allah Almighty and when meet other people. Because Allah sees us each and every time. He knows about our intentions and thinking. A modest person when does a sin, he becomes very ashamed and feels embarrassed. Thus, our modesty is directly proportional to strengthens of our faith or belief. Basically two kinds of modest have been discussed. Natural is one of the kind of modesty. For example, if you are protecting your body organs with clothes, then it is will be called natural modesty. Holy Book of Islam, the Quran has also mentioned natural modesty. On the whole, we must implement modesty in our all affairs of life.

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