No great thing is created suddenly, anymore than a bunch of grapes or a fig. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit. Epictetus

It is easy to talk about your ideals and dreams for success, but something else entirely to begin taking the first step down that road. Beginning the process can be uncomfortable and scary. On the outside your goals might appear well and good. Isn’t this what you have been dreaming about for so long?

Within you there might be a downside to success. What would you have to give up if your dreams became a reality? There are examples which definitely support your fears and apprehension. On the flip side there are people who are already successful who contradict your fears about success. Are you sure those thoughts and fears are true? Look for people who are successful and support your ideals instead of your fears. Be open to the possibility that there is more than one way things might turn out when you have reached that benchmark.

1. Surround yourself with others who are already where you want to be. Find people who have already achieved the success you want as well as other entrepreneurs who have similar goals. Having a support system is crucial for success. Your mastermind group, mentor or board of directors are the people you turn to when you need support and help.

2. Get really clear on your purpose. We each have gifts and blessings which come easily. Those are the things that just come naturally for you. These are your unique abilities. When you focus on your unique abilities, the things you love to do most, it actually energizes you. It does not feel like work.

The strategy is to spend as much time on utilizing your gifts, the things you do so easily, providing value to others. The other tasks which are not your strengths, or best work, begin to get off of your plate. Delegate them to others who love doing those things. This will free you up to focus more time on doing the things you love best, which is very client attractive.

3. Do you know your unique selling proposition (USP)? This is the one thing which will separate you from everyone else providing a similar service. For example, I support my clients to quickly transform the obstacles to success for business growth combining mindset and strategy. Figure out what you do for your clients and then find a way to easily describe it, make it memorable and authentic.

4. Write your intentions. Manifestation. Envisioning. Get as specific as possible about your goals and what you want for yourself. Write them down, include the date you want to achieve this by and create rich detail about what it will be like once you have achieved your goal. Use as many senses as possible to stimulate your vision.

You want to “be it, see it and feel it.” Write your goals as if you have already reached them, visualize how it will be once you are there and create the emotions around the success. Taste the sweetness of the accomplishment.

5. Create a “Kind Words” journal where you put the kind notes and testimonials and anything else you get from people to look at and see how you are helping others. This is particularly helpful when feeling overwhelmed and wondering if you ought to continue working toward your goal.

When you have made the decision to be successful, you will begin to do what is necessary. Focus on the goal, develop a plan and work it consistently. Find the support you need to make this happen. You are going to learn so much from this process. Once you have connected with your purpose, focusing on your unique abilities, you will be compelled to move forward. Having a “no-excuses” approach will help you to take the leap of faith and be a success.

Activity: Begin a “Kind Words” Journal. All the testimonials, emails and posts you have received from others expressing how you have helped them in some way, add to your Kind Words journal. This will serve two purposes. It will help to lift you up and keep going even when it is difficult and you are beginning to have doubts. Also, you might begin to see a pattern in the notes, helping you to get clear on your unique ability and your Unique Selling Proposition.

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From Loren Fogelman, the success expert, founder of Mindset for Marketing Success.