Helpingpreneurs want to help. Imagine that. You have a giving heart and a spirit of support, healing, and love. Often times that beauty stops you from being business first. And business first is really important. Gina Ratliffe uses wonderful terms about service professionals asking

Are you a hobbyist?


Are you wealth conscious?

The wealth conscious entrepreneur understands that values, standards, and efficiency not only serve your business model, but serve your clients and customers. Is your business running organically and a little on the fly? Do you have policies, guidelines, and procedures in place? You cannot imagine how it will improve your effectiveness and your clarity.

Here are five must haves to make sure you are a wealth conscious entrepreneur and not just a hobbyist.

1. Honor your Commitments

In business your commitment is your word. Be on time, be ready, and over deliver. I have actually had a coach who did not show up for calls. Now, we all make a mistake, but follow through, show up, and deliver. If you have a product going out, be certain it goes out on time. If you are delivering a service, make certain it is as promised. You may glass these over as obvious, but stop and think. Am I honoring every commitment at the absolute highest level?

2. Set an Example

I read a great quote the other day... "Your sermon is best told by your life and not your lips". Make certain you are modeling the positive image for your business and services. Your appearance, presence, energy, and language all represent YOU. It is easy to get busy in the day to day and forget what we are sharing. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that someone picks up on and that is the image they carry forever. Preach through your actions and your words.

3. Run it Like a Business

When you are in the service indsutry, the same best practices business rules apply. You do not avoid policies, efficiencies, and procedures because your business is helping and supporting others. To truly help and support, you run your business clean and clear. Have policies, have your team and your clients understand them, and have them in writing. Keep all conversations and communication on a business level and remind yourself why you are running this business. If you are here to serve, then make sure your business is serving everyone's highest interest by being clear and being well informed.

4. Have a Mentor

When you have a seasoned person to ask for guidance and support, everything is easier. One of my mentors always says, "Business is messy" and it can be, so to have someone to sound board, ask, and advise is leveraging your best interests in business growth. I am telling you....MENTORS....I don't leave home without them.

5. Be Uncomfortable

Change is good. Not always easy. Not always comfortable, but it means something is shifting and we are moving. Being uncomfortable in your business and stretching yourself beyond the comfort zone means you are NOT in hobby mode. Begin to worry if everything is perfect and you are care free! It is in the discomfort that we risk, journey, and leap!

Your gifts are unique and only you can share the blessing of you. Make sure you are in wealth conscious business mode. It will serve you, serve your clients, serve your success, and serve your income growth.

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans

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