Many businesses guarantee satisfaction with their products or services. And, if you are not doing this you should be. For those of us who do offer some sort of guarantee, is it something you articulate to your customers?

If not, it could be the difference between an increase or a loss in revenue.

Consider this scenario-

You are looking to purchase two exact items. The only difference between them is that one states a 30-day, no questions asked return and the other does not. Which product would you choose?

Of course, the one that removed all of the buying risk from you.

Now the other product could very well have had a guarantee of similar nature but unless it is made known, it is virtually of no value to the client or you. Therefore it is critical your clients are made aware of your guarantees.

Offering risk reversal or a guarantee can be nothing but a reward to a business and this is especially true when you are selling a high ticket item where the decision to buy is much more involved both financially and emotionally. But even if what you offer is not in that category, there is still a huge benefit here.

Buyers are ever more discriminating these days. They want more now than what they used to accept in the past and offering a guarantee and making sure your prospects know about it can only advance the sale in your direction.

I’m sure many of you have signed up for free trials because there was no risk involved. You knew that if you weren’t satisfied in any way you could return it for a full refund. Often times it was because there was no risk that you decided to try it. There was no pressure and no real thought involved in the purchase decision. This is what everyone is looking for when they buy something. They want to be assured they made the right decision. When you can make them feel completely comfortable and confident that purchasing from you is no risk on their part, you will easily improve your chances of getting their business.

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Kathy Jiamboi is the President and Founder of Creativedge Marketing and Ready2Go Client Contact. Creativedge Marketing specializes in the development and implementation of automated marketing systems. Ready2Go Client Contact is a "done for you" communications service covering both print and electronic media that allows clients to stay in touch with their customers with little to no effort on their part.

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