Feeling uninspired in your current job? Thinking that the economy has you stuck because changing jobs could be a risk? That nagging feeling of discontent could be telling you to start imagining a new and better way to work. Maybe you just need a change but maybe... just maybe there is a perfect career waiting for you. A job that takes into account all your talents, experience and dreams. A really sensational career that beckons to you; one that you could be happy with for a lifetime because it really fits who you are.
The purpose of a career counselor is to help you find that career; to analyze your positive and negative traits and to look at your goals and determine what you would most enjoy doing and how to develop the talent and skills to do it. Sue Frederick, a career counselor from Boulder, Colorado has just published her new book, I See Your Dream Job which utilizes a decidedly unique approach to help everyone realize what career they are meant to be doing. Not only does Sue have years of experience as a career counselor, she is also a journalist and an intuitive. She utilizes her intuition along with numerology and astrology to guide you to the career you are best suited for and will love doing.
Sue believes that each of us was put here with a given mission. We have the choice to live up to that potential or hide. If we discover what we were meant to be doing, life flows more easily and we will find success in our career. If we fight against it, things will be difficult and cause us grief. She believes that we are given clues in the date we were born. By using Pythagoras’s (580 B.C., Greek philosopher and mathematician) system of numbers each birth date can be reduced to a single digit (or two digits in the case of a master soul which is the number 11 or 22) and that single number is a called the “birth path number”. For example, if you were born on September 21, 1968 you would add 9 (September is the ninth month) plus 2+1+1+9+6+8. This equals 36 so then you add 3+6 and the final result equals a “9” birth path number. A number “9” birth path represents “selfless service, compassion for all people, tolerant, highly charismatic” and more. The negative characteristics of this birth path can be “bitterness, sadness,” an inability to move forward, etc. What makes the difference between the positive and negative traits of this path? The actions we have taken in this lifetime and the choices we have made to follow our dreams or not.
To refine this even further, Sue uses astrology or the planetary sign you were born under to fine tune it. So, using our example, September 21st is under the sign of Virgo so a Virgo birth path of “9” should look to be perhaps a “physician, a linguist, a global ambassador” or in a career that helps humanity. Then to make this geared even more to you specifically, if you speak with Sue in person or over the phone she will bring in her skills as a medium and hear messages from your departed loved ones that provide even more clarity to your purpose in life.
The implications of what Sue does is limitless. I used her book and looked at my family to see if they matched with their life mission. I found that my parents and those of their generation did not seem to be doing anything near their intended life path. I don’t think any of them were happy in life and all of them did what they “thought” was expected of them even though it made them miserable. Figuring out my children’s birth paths has allowed me to encourage them to look at careers and choices that I believe will lead them into a more fulfilling life.
I See Your Dream Job addresses issues that keep us from realizing our potential such as fear. It provides exercises to get in touch with your own “inner guidance” and release issues that are getting in our way such as negative beliefs about money or health concerns. There are steps to guide you to your own inspired path. The book breaks down each birth path number in detail so you can see exactly what your birth path means, possible careers and examples of case studies of many others that have undergone transformation. It will provide you with immediate insight and “aha” moments that make you realize that maybe you should be listening to that nagging voice in your head that always knew you should be doing something different.
Sue Frederick is available for consultation with an initial session or for creating a more detailed career plan. She is an author, workshop facilitator, speaker, executive coach and has appeared on radio and television and was recently interviewed by People Magazine. Her websites are www.brilliantwork.com and www.careerintuitive.org. Visit her websites for more information or to learn how to schedule your own personal career evaluation.

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M.B.A.,Featured Columnist, University Palm Lakewood Ledger, Sarasota, FL; Free Lance Writer, Board Certified Hypnotist,Entrepreneur