You have just broken up and it is difficult to deal with, you are questioning yourself as to what went wrong because to you everything was alright, not great but things you felt that needed work with time you will both would work through.


You realize that you are hurting and want this hurt to stop so you decided to go out and meet more people hoping something will click with another.

After a couple of tries you meet someone and to you this person is nothing like your ex and you feel you are ready to get into a new relationship and it has only been a month you broke up with the other person.

You want to feel comforting and to stop the hurt and having this new person you feel will do this for you, you are aware it is a rebound relationship and you still want to go ahead to stop this hurt inside.

Emotional loss

It is difficult to feel that you are alright when you just broke up with another and it is normal that you look for someone to protect yourself from feeling the hurt you say to yourself.

You are going through different feelings and confusion with your emotional lost, and within a day you may go through many different emotions from being hurt, abandon, helplessness, bitterness, disbelief, sadness and anger and all of this can happen within an hour.

Feelings of emptiness

You may feel a sense of emptiness and may look for someone to fulfill that feeling so it stop hurting and having a rebound relationship maybe just what you need to stop hurting.

You may not realize that the new person has some similar qualities that your partner had and that you are looking to continue on with the same emotions that were triggered from the last relationship.

Comparing your pass

You may notice certain behaviour maybe triggered and you may find yourself comparing your past relationship with this new one.

Difficulty in making decisions

You may have difficulty in making decision because you are not so sure if it will make a difference in the long run or you are heading for another break up.

Your mind may focus a lot on your pass relationship while you are in the new one and so decisions are difficult yet if you can understand that the chances for the success of a rebound relationship is very low and that this is a temporary fix then you can take the time to get some healing.

Fulfilling your needs

This new relationship may satisfy your immediate needs and you may think the relationship is so different but until you have allow yourself to go through the grieving process and taking the time to and accept the gain from the pass relationship you may not truly let go.

Grieving and healing

You may not get all the answers you are looking for to make sense, why the person left, and this may not solve the hurtful feeling you are experiencing.

Grieving your hurts and allow yourself to feel the pain and seek out people who can support you emotional can help you.

Conclusion: Rebound relationship is and can be successful for a short and those that do make it are those who while still in the relationship have been separated a long time and have done the grieving.

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