Today our civilization is disintegrating before our eyes. In addition to chaos in our money systems, governments, corporations and families, we are seeing a decrease in potable water, food shortages and increased environmental contamination from many sources. Efforts to curtail these health problems is difficult because exposure rates are increasing. As people continue to be exposed to toxic chemicals, there appears to be a corresponding increase in bodily diseases.

Over many years these seemingly “impossible to solve” problems have gathered in a huge energy bubble. This bubble contains deceptive practices and false beliefs that have hindered solutions. Some people call this bubble the “mass consciousness.” Mass consciousness describes the collection of energetic thoughts people have had for years. Think of mass consciousness as an energy blanket that surrounds the earth. Every topic people think about co-exists in that blanket.

When a collection of like-thoughts (topics) builds sufficiently, those thoughts begin to influence the thoughts and behavior of humanity - be it good or bad.
Evidence is available that shows that thought and intention can positively influence human consciousness. In fact, we can affect changes to mass consciousness to help restore humankind and protect our planetary system. As mass consciousness shifts to that which is spiritually true, the truth filters down into human thinking. As people recognize errant behavior, they will withdraw from unwholesome practices and be able to find workable solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems.

The objective then is to to energetically correct problems in the mass consciousness and environmental problems that threaten the well-being of every human being.

I feel that the correction to these chaotic situations requires a spiritual energy healing solution because thus far people have been unable to produce solutions that are fair to all people.

Here are some key facts:
Divine Love is a powerful healing force.

Utilizing Divine Love in a simple Petition, a group of well-intentioned people can build enough energy to correct specific problems in mass consciousness. (A Petition is a carefully worded affirmation that when acted upon by Divine Love produces real changes to occur.)

It does not take very many people to cause a shift, provided that their energy level is high and their intention is pure.

There is Internet technology available to hold real-time Group meetings where people can see and hear the meeting and participate from anywhere in the world.

Our approach to changing the mass consciousness is very profound, yet very simple. We form groups of people called the Virtual Healing Group(VHG). As a Group, we combine our intention in a directed thought Process with Divine Love to facilitate specific changes in mass consciousness.

The VHG is composed of Volunteers, like you and me, interested in helping mankind and the planet. Using audio/video Conference Call techniques via your home computer, we meet as a large Group and conduct healing sessions. The system we use allows all of us to see and hear the meeting. It is called “virtual” because you can join the Conference Call from anywhere on earth at no cost to you, provided that you have a computer with a sound card and speakers.

For more information on this important project please see our website and click on the Virtual Healing Group. See

Author's Bio: 

Bob is the Director of World Service Institute, a nonprofit teaching company dedicated to helping mankind. He has been in the field of expanding consciousness through spiritual energy healing work for thirty years.