Is it easy for you to get real about your finance or is it a subject that you do to avoid at all cost?

You may find when the subject of finance comes up you may leave the room or attempt to change the subject because of the fears that is attach to it.

You may not feel it is difficult to put another thing on your credit card after all it does not cost a lot except you are not taking into consideration all the other things you already have and when you ad them up it becomes a lot.

Great amount of shame

You may hold great amount of shame when comes to your finances and not looking at it may give you a little time to not think of it.

You are not the only one who feels lots of shame when comes to how you manage your money and you can take small steps to face your shame.

Decisions you did not make

Decisions you did not make now can and do affect your tomorrow of how you did not put money aside for your retirement or for not having an emergency fund in case you or your partner loses their job all these increase your chance of having difficulties later on.

Get real about your finance

It may be difficult to get real about your finance when you are accustoming to seeing your family struggle with money when you were a child.

This may be a hard thing for you to do and that is why you need to not only look at this moment but five or ten years down the line of how do you want you life to be.

Do not feel bad about your reluctance to look at your money spending because you are not alone, many people are doing the same as you and are looking at this moment only when they are spending.

If you do not have a goal and have difficulty in prioritizing your life with what is important for you and your family and you are living in the moment and not planning for tomorrow it is like up the creek without a paddle.

What you don’t need

What you don’t need is to continue to create more debt or be in denial and work with your partner to choose where you see yourselves later on in life if you do not change now.

Start making note of what are your values, what is important and what can you get rid of, is material goods more important than your family well being.

Having a visual chart of your bills and what need to be paid right away may help both people to be on track.

What you do not need sell these thing to survive and pay off those bills especially the ones with the high interest rate.

Conclusion : Is it easy for you to get real about your finance only when you take the time to face it with small doable step and not judging yourself.

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