Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night worrying about what if the clients don't show up? Or what am I going to do if... Or maybe just felt that sense of, "What am I doing wrong? Why can't I get a break?"

In my coaching business there was a point where I could not break through to the success I wanted. I felt alone and it seemed I had to keep dancing as fast as I could or the money and work would just evaporate.

Sometimes my clients came in a rush and times were good. We completed our work, the clients left, and it was as if I were unemployed, starting all over again! If I was sick or could not work I did not make money. I worried that maybe it would all fall apart and I would have to get a job.

Many coaches and other self-employed business professionals are doing well--and by doing well I mean enjoying healthy incomes and working in the ways they want to work.

I knew plenty of those people, and I began to ask, why? What were they doing differently that led to their success? What I found changed me forever. I found that the key was not in what they were doing, but in who they were being.

I found that in the interaction between their feelings, beliefs, and actions there was a formula that was like gold to them, leading not only to the experience of success, but to their even greater significance in the world.

Since I applied this same formula to my own life and business, I

*Have at least doubled my income nearly every year.
*Work when I want, and also take time off any time I want.
*Have perpetual streams of income.
*Have every luxury I want.
*Have attracted some top authors and teachers I work with and call my friends.
*Am giving back to the world and making a significant mark.

Even more importantly, I feel a deep sense of connection to my inner guidance, and fully rely on that guidance to direct me in all my decisions. I feel a sense of peace and ease in my work like never before.

Author's Bio: 

The difference between struggling business owners and tremendously successful entrepreneurs is this: Every successful entrepreneur has come to rely on one phenomenal business coach - themselves!

Most people don't know that every magnificent solution to the success they seek lies already within their souls. And it's Sharon Wilson, Founder of The Coaching From Spirit Institute, who's helping thousands of people around the world learn how to coach themselves and then sync that "Inner Coach" with leading-edge business strategies. The end result? Much faster, highly leveraged success!

After years of corporate executive success, Sharon Wilson fed her sales, marketing and management prowess into the development of ongoing coaching programs and TeleSuccess Seminars that provide success solutions "with a spiritual bent." Through Coaching From Spirit, mega-entrepreneurs, inspirational speakers and wealth coaches personally mentor and guide business people from all walks and levels of success to newfound strategies and uncanny solutions.