Is Einstein Right About Miracles?

First things first, I know nothing about Einstein’s E=mc2. So I researched this much. Matter and energy are different forms of the same thing. One can be turned into the other. Oh yeah, “C” stands for the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second.

Why “C”? It Comes from Latin, the initial letter of Celeritas, meaning - speed. Picture a stalk (piece) of Celery with little Toes (Celeri + Tas) and see the ‘Celery-with-toes’ flying around the room at 2,000 miles per hour – and link it to ‘speed’, ‘C’, and ‘Celeritas’. The “C” in E=mc2 is now in your long-term memory – permanently.

That’s an example of Einstein’s SpeedMemory101. Create a mental image to remind you of the thing (celery+toes), doing something weird (flying).

Wait! A small amount of Matter can release a ton of Energy – remember nuclear reaction. Matter has to meet Antimatter for Energy to be released. That’s all I know, and now you know more than 99% of the world’s 6.718 billion population.


Al Ein the Nobel Prize winner (1921) said this about miracles.

“There are two-ways to live your life. One is as though ‘no-thing’ in life is a Miracle.
The other is as though ‘every-thing’ in life is a Miracle.” Wow!
How about if you don’t accept miracles in your vocabulary? Never saw an angel, nor a devil, and only believe stuff based on material evidence and proofs?

I graduated Law, not Divinity School.


That led me to – of all things – the Gospel of John: 20: 24-29. Doubling Thomas was
the disciple who when told about the resurrection of J.C. after the crucifixion, said,
“until I put my fingers into the prints of the Nails, and thrust my hand into His side,
I will NOT believe.”

He did, and Thomas became a believer. J.C. said something like, “Because thou hast
seen me, thou hast believed.” Get this! “Blessed are they who hast NOT seen, and yet have believed.” Is this a cry for Hearsay?

The Disciple Thomas was the first and only scientist in the New Testament – he asked for evidence, proof before he would believe ‘hearsay’ from those who believed
in Magical-Thinking.


The word ‘hearsay’ is used in English courts since 1532, meaning evidence NOT based on personal knowledge, but of another’s statement NOT made under oath.
Hearsay is considered nothing but rumor, and worthless for almost 500 years of
English Common Law, and U.S. statutory law.

How about outside of the courtroom?

Do you believe the tv commercial about a new miracle drug because some banana wearing a white jacket says so? Does the authority-uniform make him a doctor,
worthy of credibility? They’re playing us.

Don’t we know he is an actor? What would Doubting Thomas say? “Unless I can put my ‘fingers in the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not

The third president, Tom Jefferson, said, he would not put “two-farthings at risk in court using religious thinking”. He was anti-hearsay evidence for even ½ a penny.

For Inquiring Minds: A ‘farthing’ equaled one-quarter of one-cent.

Placebo Effect

We can go too far in being a Doubting Thomas, being a dissenter, disbeliever, and
contrarian for our own good. Here’s what I mean – the secret of the effectiveness of
the placebo effect (self-healing) is human belief and expectation.

If a physician in Harvard Medical School hospital tells you that you have an
upset stomach from eating too many raw apples, and offers you a an injection
that will balance your ‘pH’ factor of acidic and alkaline, and cure your ills
in two-hours, take it without doubting his knowledge base.

Mind is our body-and-mind entity, and is the trigger for the healing factor in the Placebo Effect. Now – if this doctor at Harvard gives you a Saline Solution (water) injection instead of a real drug, it is your belief in his medical skills, including his optimistic words and demeanor that causes your body to initiate the healing process.

Who says so?

The U.S. Food And Drug Administration. In order to receive approval to manufacture a drug in the U.S. – your miracle pill must beat out a Placebo
(sugar or inert pill or a water injection).

In at least two (2) authenticated submissions, the new drug must produce better results than the Placebo in both Phase 2 and 3 trials. Guess what? In 50% of
of new drug testing – they fail to overcome the Placebo Effect. Not funny, it can cost up to half-a-billion dollars to get a new drug approved by FDA.

If you have no confidence in the words of the doctor, and believe he/she is practicing medicine without a license, and the injection is apple juice, there can be no Placebo.
Placebo means in Latin: “I shall please you.” Wait! Nocebo is from Latin and means, “I shall Harm you.”

If you put your faith in your brother-in-law who is a freshman in medical school, and told you that you are cashing-in-your-chips within the next 60 days, you have the Nocebo Effect, and harm is on your horizon. The difference is your expectation and belief system. Placebo and Nocebo work because your mind convinces your body to act accordingly.

Physiological Proof of Placebo

Placebos activate your self-healing responses by triggering your body’s Opioids. Specifically the Mu Opioid Receptors (see Endorphins) that relieve (inhibit) pain processing in the Spinal Cord. Your mind activates your body response.

Google: 8.27.09 Journal – Neuron, Lead author Falk Eippert, University Medical Center, Hamburg, Germany

Google: Harvard University, The Powerful Placebo, Henry Beecher. See: Journal of the AMA, 1955, Placebo Effect.


Personal admission: I have tested a ritual healing system called Tapping Points for the past 30 days. It relies on the mind to activate the healing process of the body. Truly, the rituals appear ridiculous and from another galaxy, but Tapping Points produce physical changes in the body by extinguishing itching requiring daily medication for the past six-months. It is serious stuff and has relieved the itching.

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