By the actual nature of the word - chronic back pain relief - people believe that the task is almost impossible. That because back pain has been present for months or years it will take longer to heal.

In fact chronic back pain is as easy as normal regular short term back pain to remove. Why?

If you treat all back pain as if it is was an acute episode then it heals quickly. Most people change their approach because pain has become chronic. However back pain whether there for a day or two or for years, is still caused by the same elements.

You have muscles that are tight, others that are weak, joints not moving correctly and your pelvis out of balance. The one big difference is nothing to do with the mechanisms, it is something different you must change.

The one thing that allows back pain to become chronic is habit. Your body has become accustomed to having pain and now believes it to be normal.

Chronic back pain relief must therefore change the bad habits to good, along with removing the elements creating your back pain.

Habits are easy enough o change. All it requires is a daily application of techniques to train the body to stay pain free. Nothing more and nothing less.

This asks a big question - can practitioners remove chronic back pain?

It takes 31 days to form a habit and it takes 31 days to remove it. For a practitioner to help with your chronic back pain relief they must work 31 days in a row to break the habits that have formed. If not you will get short term relief only, you must change the habits to break the cycle of pain.

Do you know of any practitioner that will do this? Could you afford this type of treatment?

This is why the best chronic back pain relief techniques are those you learn yourself. Techniques to use at home at your pace, to train your body to become free of back pain.

These same techniques must remove all the elements that cause your pain. Yes, you must stretch tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles and get your joints and pelvis back into balance.

Do this and your chronic back pain relief is guaranteed. It is the habits that is the main element to change, back pain is the same when it is acute or chronic, it is only the habits that are different.

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