I often wonder about whether attitude is gratitude, or if gratitude is attitude. Actually, I think it is both. If your attitude is positive, more than likely you are thankful for everything that you have. And, if you are grateful for what you have, that says a great deal about your attitude. In either case, being grateful is positive, and it can have a huge influence on how you approach life and deal with daily issues. This article provides some tips on embracing gratitude, which will help you to develop and maintain a positive attitude.

1. When you look at the glass, is it half full or half empty? If you see the glass as half-full, you are probably optimistic in nature. Conversely, if you see the glass as half empty, most likely you are pessimistic in nature. Try seeing the glass as half-full. Think of all the positive outcomes related to the issue with which you are dealing; what is coming or came out of this that can help you learn and grow? Of course, you do need to address and work through the negative side of any situation, so be sure to give it the time it deserves. However, try not to remain in the negative zone for too long. When you focus on the positive, not letting negative thoughts creep into the picture, your positivism will result in a great attitude.

2. Make a list of those physical attributes for which you are grateful. Look at your body. What parts of it do you like best? Do you have shiny hair, striking eyes, a warm and engaging smile, long legs, a sculptured body, or is there something else you like about your physical appearance? Make a list of your body parts or shape which you feel best about. Put this list on your bathroom mirror so that you can see it each morning. It will remind you of how beautiful you are on the outside.

3. Now focus on the inside. What characteristics of your personality do you feel best about? What are your strengths, talents, or skills? Are you funny, a good listener, kind, or something else? What is it about you that you like, or that attracts others? If you are unsure of what attracts other people to you, ask your family members, friends, or co-workers. Again, make a list of these attributes and put them on your bathroom mirror. When you wake up each morning, your list will remind you of how beautiful you are on the inside.

4. Beyond your physical appearance and personality, what are you most grateful for? Do you enjoy good health, like the beauty of nature, have a job or career that you thoroughly enjoy, have well-behaved children, and/or have sufficient funds to travel or do the things that you enjoy most in life? Or, are you close with your family, do you have great friends, or do you simply appreciate the fact that you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your mouth? Often times, people strive for more and more, and never look at what they currently have. Take some time each day to look at what you do have, not at what you don't have. It is great to have goals, but try not to lose sight of those things that you do have, that bring you happiness and simplify your life.

5. Take caution not to compare yourself to others, as you will always see someone who is more attractive, wealthier, successful, or someone who has a better job or larger home. Set your personal and professional goals, and measure your success in relation to those goals, not to what someone else has accomplished. Just because someone may appear to be wealthier or more successful, doesn't mean that they are healthy or happier. Everyone in life, regardless of who they are and what they have achieved, has their own problems and struggles; their issues may not be something you’d ever want to handle.

If you think about what you are grateful for every day, you will feel more positive and full of energy. When you are positive, you see the good things in life. Your focus is on the positive, not the negative. So, make a list or lists of everything for which you are grateful. Review those lists daily. You will begin to see that your attitude and approach to life is more positive, and others will see this as well.

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