We’ve all got limiting beliefs. You know some of them. Others you don’t. You may have gone to personal growth workshops and thought you discovered them all. I’m sure you didn’t.

Do I have a limiting belief about you not knowing all of your limiting beliefs? Yep.

It’s all a story.

You live in a story about the way things work. You buy into the story like it’s truth.

Here are some stories that you may be living in about your business:

• I have to charge $___ for this product / service or it won’t sell.

• I have to use these marketing techniques or people won’t flock to my store or website.

• There are some things in business you just have to do even if you don’t like it.

• If my customers only knew _____ they wouldn’t like me.

• It takes years to build a six-figure business.

• Hard work, lots of time and good work ethics will yield success.

The way you live each day is based on a story about what you’ve made up as the rules of engagement, the path to success, expectations of your family and friends, what you think is healthy … and on and on and on.

It’s ALL made up.

If I were to sit down with you and point out some of your stories about business, you might argue with me. Justify. Show me how your story is truth and that you can’t do business another way.

And I’d say, “Oh, hogwash! Create a new story.”

Get realllly selfish. What’s the story you want to live by? How would you be in your business if you got to do it 100% your way? What if customers and clients were guaranteed to buy an offering at any price? What would you offer and at what price?

You’re already making up all the stories, so how about living into a new one that actually feels freeing and abundant?

If you aren’t already making six or seven figure and totally loving the way you’re doing business, what do you have to lose? Your face? Your reputation? That’s a story, too.

It’s called innovation. The leading edge.

You can only live an exhilarating journey when you take away the story about how things work and how they’re supposed to be.

Question everything that feels hard or uncomfortable in your life. Ask yourself, “What’s the story I’m living right now” Why not say instead, "I’m doing this and it’s amazing!”.

I thought because I had little stress in my business that I didn’t have many stories. HA! I’ve got tons of stories.

• Not enough time to put all my ideas into action.

• I’m not doing enough to build my mailing list.

• I should only check my email a couple of times a day.

• I’m not as effective as I need to be with my copywriting.

• I need more time! (Did I already say that?)

• If we give more tools to my affiliates they’ll promote me more.

I could go on and on. And I think I’m being business savvy with some of these stories. Question any stories that feel confining, confusing, unauthentic and wimpy.

The thing is, stories that inspire and make us smile are good. Keep living them. But what if there’s an even BETTER story?

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