Did you know that your self-talk can determine how much money you will make? If you harbor negative thoughts about money, those thoughts will sabotage your ability to attract prosperity. For example, harboring an envious or jealous thought towards someone who is rich will repel your own abundance. Negative thoughts always get in the way of attracting abundance to you. Changing your self-talk is an important step towards attracting prosperity.

What is self-talk? It’s what you say to yourself all day long. Taking a few minutes to become aware of what you are saying to yourself throughout the day, is the first step towards changing your self-talk. Once you have become more aware of this, ask yourself what percentage of your self-talk is negative and what percentage is positive? If you’re like most people, the positive self-talk is a much lower percentage than the negative. You want to switch that percentage.

If the negative percentage is higher, you probably spend most of your time talking to yourself about how you are going to solve all the problems in your life…or admonishing yourself for mistakes you have made…or lamenting about the opportunities you have missed…or worrying about what could go wrong next. But that’s not the way to attract money to you. You need to stop that kind of self-talk and start thinking more about how well things are going for you and what kind of life you want to be living. Changing your self-talk can be done with a little awareness and practice.

Start spending more of your self-talk time on the positive side. You can “talk” about…
• Positive things
• Uplifting things
• Things that you want to happen to you
• Things that you want to have in your life
• How much money you want to have to spend
• How much money you want to be earning
• Good things that have happened to you
• Good things that have happened to others
• What accomplishments you want to achieve
• What legacies you want to be remembered for
The list goes on and on. Take a few moments to expand on this list.

This simple step will make a world of difference in your ability to attract the prosperity you want. It’s too bad most people aren’t really aware of their self-talk let alone thinking to change it to positive self-talk. Which is why they would never think to do it. They say, “But that’s too easy.” Well if it’s so easy, why don’t they do it? We think need to get rid of the belief that things should be hard. They don’t have to. They can be easy.

Let it be so for you. Start noticing your percentages of positive and negative thoughts, and take an active part in redirecting your self-talk. As you do this, you will be activating new neural pathways in your brain that will help you with the attraction process. You will also be utilizing an important and effective Law of Attraction technique to start attracting prosperity to you. What else you can think of that will be positive self-talk?

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