A great deal of trust is entrusted on your security guard to safeguard your property or business after hours. But the irony of it is that some security guards aren’t able to provide that top-quality security assurance. The most prominent blunder is them falling asleep on their job.


This puts the concerned business establishment/residential property vulnerable and waiting to be looted by thieves.


So, “How To Know If Your Security Guard Is Asleep On Their Job Or Not?” Take a look at these common guard snoozing signs!


  • “Lights Are Turned Down At The Security Area.”


Regardless of how the office set-up is planned, there will always be a light turned on in the security area. This presents a proper impression that there is a security guard on watch.


Contrarily, when the lights are not turned on, then it is an open invitation for those wise crooks to break-in. So, check for this aspect and, when found, take strict action.


  • “There Are Footprints On a Chair.”


Without the possibility of a recliner or bed, there is a high chance that the security guard will keep their feet up on a chair and then get whatever sleep they can.


If a situation comes to notice, then that there is another sign that the hired security guard serving Wagga Wagga (or elsewhere) was sleeping on their job.


  • “Lots Of Inconsistencies In Their Parole Hours.”


One will find a lot of inconsistencies in the parole hours of their security guards. If something like this happens, then one should check at the security guard’s records and logs.


Properly examine the security guard’s paroling pattern and look for long-period gaps or inconsistencies. The truth about them slacking off will be known.


  • “Shirts/Piece-Of-Cloth Balled Up.”


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that balled up shirts or piece of cloth denote that the guard had used to make a pillow for sleeping. If one comes across this sign, then it is also a clear sign that the guard was sleeping on their job.


  • “The Guard Appears Disoriented On Sudden Visits.”


If the security guard is groggy or appearing disoriented, particularly when visited unexpectedly, then this is one of the clearest signs that they were sleeping.


In contrary to this, if they are approached at the usual time, it would have given them the cover-up time to prepare and tone themselves up to look presentable. Hence; surprised visits are an effective way is to catch them off guard when snoozing.


Beef Up Your Security With More Competent Guards:


The safety of one’s business cannot be risked at any stage. For this is important to hire security marshals from a reputed security guard service provider in Albury for the best paroling or static watch duty.


Hiring guards from top service providers means getting top-end paroling professionals to watch over all business security matters.


So, the final words of wisdom are, whether one’s looking for mobile security guards, crowd control, property protection or even fire-watch marshals- always go for a reputed and well-acknowledged service provider.


They will always vouchsafe reliable and budget-friendly security services for max protection.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a professionally trained security guard serving Wagga Wagga for many years. With that, the author also possesses knowledge about top reputed security guard service provider in Albury for the best paroling or static watch duty.