Oh dear - If you’re near the age of 40, shockingly, your nose may be elongating and causing you, the wearer, to look years older. Nose tips that dip and even hook downward do not present a pretty mental image for a beautiful face.

Along with the nose tip drooping, the bridge of your nose may be suffering, too, with multiple lines and creases developing horizontally atop your nose making this area of your nose appear thicker. The lines and wrinkles can accentuate the look of tiredness in your face. Just seeing those sneaky creases developing can make you feel helpless.

Some women use paralyzing injections to minimize squinting but those injections will not stop your nose from sagging. Occasionally little “bunny lines” develop on the side of the nose, especially when trying to smile. Sadly, even smiles seem to accentuate a dipping nose.

What causes this look that ages your face? There is one answer only – your facial skin is supported by a network of hidden muscles that weave over and under each other. These muscles anchor into the hairline on one end, the other end attaches to another muscle or into the skin. When you see your eyebrows and your nose dropping, this is a clear indication that your forehead muscle is lengthening and
pooling into other muscles that affect the upper face.

The repetitive motion of lifting your forehead can etch horizontal lines into your forehead. In addition, lengthening of the vertical forehead muscle means you will likely develop hooded eye lids, lines on your eye lids and crow’s feet at the outer edges of your eyes.

What about those 11’s – those concentration lines between your brows? Again, the forehead muscle, a vertical muscle can become lax from the pull of gravity and a lack of exercise. As this muscle loses its oomph, coupled with the repetitive motion of knitting your brows, wrinkles are in the making.

Loose, atrophied facial muscles rob your face of youthfulness. Most likely you won’t like what you see when photos are taken and possibly, you will dread being around younger looking faces because your face appears tired and less youthful.

Maybe you’ve witnessed other areas of your face looking older. What if your cheeks wrinkle like an accordion when you smile or your thin top lip disappears when you smile? Is there a wattle developing under your chin or a hint of jowls and pouches along the sides of your mouth near your jaw?

Flabby, spongy facial muscles produce that tired, “old face look” that may remind you of an aging family member’s face. A softening, droopy face is more than just your nose lengthening and there aren’t many modalities available to correct this look.

What are your choices?

You could opt to visit a plastic surgeon who might advise you to have your nose bobbed but that won’t stop the nose tip from drooping or the lines from forming at the top of your nose.

A brow lift is another clever way of smoothing the forehead while lifting the eyebrows; it’s quite a procedure and you will always have a scar that will be somewhat annoying and visible in your hairline. Will this procedure stop your nose from drooping? Doubtful.

Another procedure that may be offered is laser resurfacing. This is a surefire way to disguise the appearance of lines and wrinkles temporarily because once you continue to make the same repetitive motion; the skin will eventually crinkle again because those tiny muscles hidden under your skin will still be soft. Less than taut muscles do not adequately support the skin which means your nose tip will continue to droop and the lines across the bridge of your nose will soon be evident again.

The procedures and modalities that require a physician can cost a lot of money. Continued follow-ups and additional procedures can certainly rack-up the expenses but what if there was an all natural, non-invasive, easy and quick way to lift faces?

Well, there is. Facial exercise rejuvenates the underlying muscles of the face and neck with specific and targeted exercise. Your face will look fresher and lifted with tight, youthful contours and better looking skin. These exercises out-perform the results of a typical surgical face lift and injections because the process leaves the person looking like themselves, only years younger. Plus, once you know the exercises, you can do them forever - there’s nothing else to buy!

The exercise experience occurs over a 12 week period. Turn back the clock, look years younger and enjoy a safe and healthy experience! And your nose tip? Well, there’s an exercise for that! You’ll be delighted to know that the process is easy and the results are proven. Don’t let your nose make you look older than your years.

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