To truly step into the role of the divine feminine leader of your own business you have to be willing to tame your monkey mind.

Monkey mind is a term Buddhists use to describe the unsettled, confused, indecisive thoughts that jump through your consciousness like a monkey jumps from tree to tree.

Here are some examples of monkey mind thoughts that may be throwing a wrench into your business plans:

~ "Who do I think I am, I can't really do this."

~ "I want to run a successful spiritual business, but
I'm not ready."

~ "I don't need to make a lot of money, just enough to...
pay my bills... travel a little... pay off my debt... etc."

The Biggest Thing Holding You Back...
Is Thinking Too Small

When you look at the monkey mind thoughts I've listed above you'll notice one commonality. They all deny the vastness and potential impact of your gifts and message and keep you and your business trapped in smallness.

The bottom line is, when you play small you hide your light away from the world. You keep yourself from receiving the abundance you truly deserve and you keep your clients from receiving the transformation and healing that only you can deliver.

The result... Everybody loses.

The solution... Identify your BIG WHY. You do what you do because you made a spiritual commitment to fulfill your karma and your purpose in this lifetime by bringing your unique spiritual gifts into the world.

In order to fill that commitment and satisfy your karmic agreements, you need to understand why this gift if so important to you, to your clients and to the world. To do this, you need to look at it from a larger spiritual perspective.

3 Pillars of Success Exercise

Instructions: Take out a piece of paper and draw 2 lines on it to create 3 columns of equal width.

Step 1: At the top of the first column write, "Pillar of Possibility." Then list all of the possible benefits (i.e. the healing and transformations) that your clients receive when working with you.

There are two kinds of benefits you will list. The first are intangible or hidden benefits. These include things like more confidence, more self-esteem, more joy, less stress, etc.

And then there are the tangible or visible benefits. These are the things other people will see and notice and are born from the inner transformation your client experiences. This list might include things like improved relationships, a better job, better health, etc.

Step 2: At the top of the second column write, "Pillar of Purpose." In this column, list all of the ways that your own life improves when you are fulfilling your spiritual purpose.

Here I want you to brainstorm all of the ways your life and experience are expanded when you're living your purpose. This list moves beyond the material benefits of success and goes deep into what's really important to you.

Here you may list things like... a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction at the work you do... the financial freedom to be more generous by giving to others and supporting charities you're passionate about... or a sense of inner peace knowing that you are helping to heal the world.

Step 3: At the top of the third column write, "Pillar of Influence." This is where you really step up into a higher consciousness, one where the monkey mind can't influence your thoughts.

In this column you're going to list all the ways that the benefits you and your clients experience will make the world a better place. What you have to do here is follow the ripples of each benefit you already listed.

In other words, if one of the benefits to your clients is improved relationships, who else does that impact... their partners, their children, their friends, etc. If you follow that ripple out you'll see the benefits of your work can affect dozens, even hundreds of people for every client you help.

Likewise if one of the benefits you listed for yourself was the ability to give more generously to others, including charities, just imagine all of the people who will benefit from your success!

Monkey Mind vs. Goddess Mindset

Keep in mind, this is not an ego based exercise. In fact, it's quite the opposite. When you are operating from this higher perspective ~ from this Goddess Mindset ~ it's not at all about you, as your monkey mind would have you belief. It's about your purpose, your mission and your spirit. And there's nothing small about that!

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Michele McGrew is a spiritual practitioner and marketing coach who teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs to fill their practices and market their businesses with grace and ease.
Known for filling her local workshops and providing outstanding spiritual services within her community, Michele is passionate about sharing her authentic marketing skills with other spiritual practitioners so they can help more people, make more money AND work with the clients they love.
By blending spirituality, energy dynamics and good, solid business skills, Michele helps her clients create a steady stream of ideal clients into their business by marketing their services with total integrity so that they can let their light and passion shine in the world through the inspired work that they do.
Michele is the creator of The Goddess Keys Platinum Program: How to Market Your Divine Business with Grace, Ease & Integrity, an innovative and intuitive marketing system that allows female entrepreneurs to create spiritual and financial success through their businesses. To learn more, go to