Is Your Memory As Good As a 5th Grader?

If you got five-minutes, you can discover how to remember
abstract (tough-stuff) permanently. We teach this long-term memory
strategy to ten-year olds (5th graders) and they get it. How about it?

Now if your life centers on ditch digging – this is not a big-deal.
But if you are involved in the Knowledge Economy as an executive or
entrepreneur, student or smart-ass, maybe this five-minutes is worth
your while.

Tell me, just between us, when was the last time you learned something
practical for your brain’s sake? Let’s do it, huh?


Facts: our DNA & RNA are made up of five chemicals (molecules) called Nucleotides. Without them we all D-I-E.

Yeah, we know you forgot any science along with algebra and Shakespeare ten-years ago, but this memory game is called recall – not using the knowledge.

Facts: the five chemicals to be remembered in order are:

1. Adenine 2. Guanine 3. Cytosine 4. Uracil 5. Thymine


For inquiring minds: this strategy combines Visualization (creating mental pix)
and Association (links). Your job is to link (associate) the 5 mental pix in your
3-lb coconut.

Step 1: we come up with baby-easy words that SOUND-LIKE these abstract, hard
to pronounce and remember five-words. Why? When we remember the easy word
substitutes, they drag into consciousness the tough words we want to remember.

Remember – this is a memory strategy, not meant to gain comprehension about the science of these five Nucleotides (whatever that means). You care? Google it.

Step 2: the visualizations and the substitution with baby-easy words.

a) How do you remember the term: Nucleotides?
Imagine, using your mind’s eye a nuclear bomb explosion –
in the ocean tide. See it now and remember it.

b) Adenine: remember Add-Nine (+9) and link those two words to your original mental pix of the nuclear bomb in the ocean tide.

c) Guanine: remember Gong+Knee. Create a mental pix of a bronze
disk or bell that makes a musical sound. Aha, it is attached to your
left-knee and rings when your clamp both knees together. Link the
“gong-knee” to the “add-nine”. That is association.

d) Cytosine: remember: Sy (Simon) Seen. Simon is looking through binoculars, get it? Now associate “Sy-Seen” with “Gong-Knee”.

e) Uricil: remember: “You-Are-a-Window-Sill” See yourself (mentally) lying flat under the window. Why? Because ‘you-r-a-window-sill’. Now, associate (link) “You-R-A-Sill” to “Sy-Seen”.

f) Thymine: remember “Thigh-Meet” In Kentucky Fried Chicken,
where the “thigh meet” the chicken-feet. Now associate “thigh meet” with “You-R-A-Window-Sill”.

So What

See the Visualization and Associations in review.

I see the nuclear bomb going off in the tidewater = nucleotides.
First, visualize “Add-Nine” to “Nucleotides.
Second, visualize “Gong-Knee to “Add-Nine”.
Third, mentally see: Sy-Seen linked to Gong-Knee.
Fourth: See: “You-Are-A-Window-Sill” to “Sy-Seen”.
Fifth: visualize “Thigh-Meet” to “You-R-A-Window-Sill.

Now I visualize the initial-letters of the keywords in order:
“A-G-C-U-T” (Ag-Cut).

A (Adenine), G (Guanine), C (Cytosine), U (Uracil), T (Thymine)

Why Does It Work

You are concentration your attention on making mental pictures and
associations (links) between our funny-words. Silly is better than literal for
purposes of memory.

Your brain is where your inner-child resides and he/she loves silly,
ridiculous, out of proportion, substitutes, colors, senses, & 3-D images.

Our brain remembers the abnormal, not the boring normal stuff.
Which is more memorable, driving silently on a country road, or stopping
to gawk at a highway accident where two decapitated heads are
rolling around the lanes?

Your brain loves to freak itself out remembering the weird and
Always create mental images for long-term visualization and
association - that are weird and outlandish. Got it?


Your brain is divided into two hemispheres, a left and right brain.
The left-brain (hemisphere) is usually dominant. It is attracted to
logic, reasoning, spelling, numbers and language.

Our right brain (hemisphere) specializes in music, emotions (limbic
system), imagination, and pattern recognition. It is not either/or because
your left and right brains work together, each adding its own

The two halves communicate through a structure called
the Corpus Callosum (< Latin: firm body). Google: hippocampal
commissure, and anterior commissure for hemispheric communication.


The secret to long-term memory success is doing (repetition), not talking
about a new strategy that make remembering information baby-easy.

If you go out and teach this system to an underprivileged kid, you
will change his/her life forever. Guaranteed – you are going past
Purgatory and straight to St. Peter at the gate. Send him my
regards cause I’m going the other way.

Take this teaching assignment and you will double (2x) your
own long-term memory permanently. See ya.


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