You’re trying to look your best, struggling to drop those excess pounds following all the expert advice to eat a low fat diet. As a result you are hungry, frustrated, depressed and not losing weight.
You may need to eat more fat.
As Americans have decreased their fat intake; obesity, anxiety, depression and malnutrition has risen. At least 50% of Americans are depressed and 60% are overweight yet undernourished.
The way to permanent weight loss is not through deprivation of fat. If you are feeling hungry, depressed or have mood swings this may be a sign that you are lacking essential fat in your diet; important for cell membranes, healthy skin, hormones and absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Fat slows down digestion making you feel fuller longer, gives you energy and is a key factor in helping to boost your mood and avoid depression.
Eat real wholesome food.
Contrary to popular opinion natural sources of saturated fat are not bad for you; in fact they are essential to your diet. Organic raw cheese, plain whole yogurt, coconut oil, wild fatty fish and grass fed meats provide necessary nutrients for keeping you satisfied and preventing overeating, mood swings and depression.
When our ancestors ate butter, whole milk, meat and cheese there were not epidemics of obesity, diabetes or depression. The difference is they didn’t eat highly processed foods.
Refined carbohydrates, processed foods and sugars are the real bad guys that cause health problems and most people are addicted to these ‘foods’. When foods are processed to remove the fat they usually contain more sugar and chemicals to replace it and give the food some sort of flavor. Additionally, they contain little nutrients making the body hungry for more. Removing the fat just makes it a fake food that is unsatisfying and has little nutritional value. I mean have you tasted a piece of low fat cheese? Yuk!
Eat your yolks.
I must also make special mention of egg yolks, which are loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein. Going along with the low fat sham, many people throw these in the garbage not only wasting money but valuable nutrients as well. Stop the madness! Make sure to get farm fresh eggs from pastured chickens and avoid eggs from factory farms if you can.
Diet plays a crucial role in mental as well as physical health. Your body knows what it needs; you may just have to learn how to listen a little better. The marketing of low fat products has been convincing in saying that fat makes us fat and it is bad for us. It is simply not true. Don’t fall for the false marketing claims of low fat ‘foods’. Stop feeling depressed, hungry and guilty, focus on real whole foods, include fat from natural sources on a regular basis and stay away from the fake stuff.

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Lisa Moran is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Weight Loss Coach. She works with people who would like to discover how to eat and not diet, prepare real food for themselves and families and gain knowledge of natural remedies, focusing on individual needs, lifestyle and goals.To learn more contact her at