Just because you want your teenage son to quit drinking, that does not mean he is ready for an alcohol and drug treatment program. The odds are he does not even think he has a problem. Most addicts do not. An addict has to desire change himself. If he’s not ready to change, then he will make no attempt to give up his bad habit.

There is no chance of an alcohol and drug treatment course working if the alcoholic has not decided to participate of his own accord. In his mind, the drugs and alcohol are the only things that give him enjoyment. You cannot change his beliefs; only he can do that.

An addict, whether into drugs and/or alcohol, typically only has one thought – how to obtain what made him feel good in the first place. Since the effects of alcohol are short term, this thought is constant and rarely changes even when the individual is high or intoxicated. Nothing else is as important as getting the next fix.

Most addicts do not care about what they consider to be small, insignificant aspects of life. Combing their hair and bathing is not a necessity to them, and food and sleep are not on their lists of priorities. Because of this physical neglect, addicts often have many physical problems which lead to even more emotional issues as people who suffer from addiction often hate the way the look and come to despise themselves even more.

Obtaining Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Alcohol and drug treatment is the only way most addicts will ever truly recover. Unfortunately, most alcoholics and drug addicts must lose everything before they can see the errors of their ways. If they do not fall into the darkest pit, then they will never want to climb up and see the light. Instead, they will give in to the cravings and temptations that constantly surround them.

If your loved one does not believe he can achieve sobriety and is not firmly committed to working in a rehabilitation program, then the alcohol and drug treatment will not work for him. It does not matter how much you want him to clean get and stay clean; he has to choose that path. All you can do is remind him of your support and pray the day will soon come when he is ready to get help and reclaim his life.


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