Is Your Life On Fire Or Burning Out?
Your Life Is Functioning In One These four Basic Patterns:

1. The fire of desire, intention, inspiration, enthusiasm, passion and commitment is driving your life with energy and purpose.
2. You are on fire all right, no direction spinning your wheels and burning out.
3. You fire is on auto pilot low power existing with no focus or purpose.
4. Your fire has burned out, retreating in survival or fear of failure.

Is your life flaming out? Is it going through a melt down. Many people are finding this happening in their life now. Granted the economy and all the news is negative. All the of the banks, corporations and the politicians' behaviour is coming to a head exploding in the news. This has created a lot of fear. Yet there are many people who are succeeding quite well, contrary to the current situation. Why?

Some people operate out of high positive energy. Most people operate out of low negative energy.
How do you fuel your energy? Do you get up in the morning with high energy rested and ready to go?
When performing at peak performance people who have high energy operate from optimism, intention, desire, inspiration, enthusiasm and passion to meet their commitments and goals. Fear driven people operate from defense against a threat which they perceive is going to happen, so they live in survival. They lose contact with their end goal because FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

If you were rowing a boat across a river and you hit a snag what would you do? The boat is taking on water. The current will take you down the river not to the other side. What would you do? Row faster to get to the other side or would you stop rowing and start bailing the water out of the boat? Would you be overwhelmed and let the fear cause you to lose your ability to make a positive decision to get to the other side.? Or would you stay in control, keep on rowing faster knowing you will get to the other side.?
Most people would react in fear and start bailing which is short sighted. They lose sight of the goal falling into fear. The boat is going to sink. Is it really? You could get to the shore before it sinks. Most people run their life in this manner. They get thrown on a detour very easily losing sight of their original goal. This causes distraction, procrastination and side tracks us. Many people do this in business. They retreat at first block in the road, rather than hanging there The challenge is to stay focused on the goal so we do not get caught up in self deception and lose sight of the goal. What does this look like.? The first item on the agenda is to have all three levels of energy focused and set on our expected goals and outcomes each day.

We operate from positive high energy to build us up, whereas negative emotions, feelings and attitudes eat up our energy and cause us to burn out. We must have all the energy producers in our life working at a high level or we will burn and flame out. How do we fan and ignite the fire under our desire to get started over if you are burning out? You must have high energy which is three dimensional coming from three different levels in your life.

1. Physical energy is supported by proper diet and exercise. This is what supplies the go factor in your life. Contrary to what some people think exercise actually builds energy. Your diet must provide proper nutrients to build energy. (More on this in other articles)
2. Mental energy is generated by optimism, inspiration, enthusiasm and passion. People with this energy have high self esteem, self worth and self confidence. They respect themselves and know they have acceptance, approval, validation from their peers. They support themselves and are not critical of themselves. Outside Sources of negativity can not break them down.
3. Spiritual energy is a knowledge in and aligned with of a source higher than yourself. This is a strong sense of values and deeply held sense of purpose. (not religion unless you see this is the only way you experience this connection).

If your afterburners are fired up and you are fueling yourself with high positive energy that is great. Your life is set on go so you can accomplish goals and attain the results you are setting yourself up for.
If your life is not on track, what pressures and stress are blocking you from igniting your engines and firing up for the challenge? Do you see life as challenges to overcome or do you perceive everything as fear and danger which is limiting and blocking your ability to handle your problems and may take you down? Most people live in the prison of their mind which limiting and is blocking their ability to succeed.

The major challenge is to set the desire and focus on our intention. Once we get this lined up we have to make a commitment and discipline ourselves to follow through. We will never reach the goal if we allow ourselves to make excuses and let ourselves fall into procrastination then justify why we are not on track. We can fight against it if we know how to succeed at the task we are working in. Anger, frustration, resentment and fear will drag us down and cause us to give up eventually.

A good example is two champion tennis players who operated from opposite ends of the spectrum.
Jimmy Connors and John McInroe both were champions, winning many major tournaments. They both rose to number one in the world in tennis competition. In his last tournament McInroe was suffering from so much pain he had use pain killers to finish his matches. After the last match he retired in serious pain at 33 years old.. Yet, Connors played for ten more years, succeeding and winning in many more tournaments. He was operating from high positive energy at peak performance. McInroe admitted later on that he was angry and frustrated most of his life which caused him to operate from survival and shortened his career. He stuffed many of his feelings and tried to play in a positive manner but his negativity destroyed his career and much of his life outside of tennis until he caught on to what was causing his downfall.

Mental energy can get blocked and slowed down by not focusing on your goals. Many people get caught in misinterpretations of what emotions are. They talk about how emotional energy is an important part of mental energy, it is the fire in mental energy according to many. What I have discovered is emotional energy is negative, out of control energy, driven by needs to get an end result. If we are controlled by emotions we are out of control. People locked into emotions can not direct their energy because their mind is driven to gain control with goal oriented behaviour. Negative energy is locked into basic emotional programming. When you evaluate how the mind processes emotions then you see that emotions are driven by fear. There is very little fire to succeed in emotions as they are following old behaviour patterns locked in our Subconscious Mind's data base from the past.

When we understand how our mind processes sensory input we can see that all emotions are negative reactions which take us out of control rather than provide positive energy. I feel many people do not know how our mind interprets sensory input. We have to realize all emotions are goal oriented behaviour. Our mind sets them up to deny, protect or justify behaviour. Understanding this we then have to take a different view of peace, happiness, harmony, joy and unconditional love and acceptance. They are not emotions at all. They are feelings which never reach emotional states.
Dr. Art Martin has been working in the field of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine for 30 years helping people get their life on track so they can operate from high energy at peak performance rather than negative energy and failure to reach their goals. He has two new books to be released soon Your Mind, Your Savior Or Your Enemy and Open The Door to Your Millionaire Mind for more information on peak performance in your life go to and download his free book.

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Dr. Martin’s background and training is in Psychology, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Chinese, Tibetan medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, and many other therapies He began his research in 1978
for a healing process when he was told by a doctor in 1972 that he would be in a wheelchair in 10 years
due to the degeneration of his spine. When he discovered our mind is a computer, he began developing N/CR Neuro/CellularReprogramming in 1982.. He has Healed himself with the help of practitioners he taught N/CR.
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