Hair loss is not something that happens overnight and can be treated overnight. Both happen over time. For example, if you use some harsh shampoo once, your hair will tolerate the strong chemicals. If you continue to use such a shampoo, then your hair can succumb to its harshness.

That’s why it is important to have healthy hair care habits.

Your habits determine how your hair will be, say experts.

If you have a habit of frequenting the salon for different hair treatments and love to experiment with colors, be prepared for the consequences. Besides, know what chemicals cause hair loss.

Every salon treatment, according to experts, create some or the other damage to hair. For instance, keratin treatment in salon exposes your hair to toxic formaldehyde gas. Coloring treatment breaks down your hair protein and renders them weak and dry.

You must take extra care of your tresses after each salon treatment.

It all starts with a good shampoo
Whether you are suffering from hair loss or any kind of damage to hair texture, your first step should be a change in shampoo. Do away with those sulfate-laden shampoos that contain a series of synthetic chemicals.

Invest in sulfate-free, gentle shampoos enriched with botanical extracts, keratin substances, and moisturizing agents.

A small change of shampoo can make a big difference in your hair health and appearance.

In case your hair loss is due to DHT male hormone, you can avail yourselves DHT blocking hair growth shampoo.

It is smart to find out the real cause of hair loss. If you assume the cause, you might end up experimenting with all sorts of hair loss remedies with no avail.

And ends with proper hair care

Once you know what chemicals cause hair loss and you change the shampoo, here are a few healthy hair care habits to follow:

• Avoid rubbing your wet hair vigorously with a towel. Simply wrap them with a soft towel to absorb excess water and then let air dry.
• Never comb or brush wet hair. Wait till they are slightly damp.
• Do not keep your hair tied always. Let them loose once in a while.
• Avoid tight hairstyles. Let your follicles breathe.
Massage scalp with warm coconut oil once a week for good blood circulation.
• Trim hair after 8-12 weeks.
• Deep condition hair once in a fortnight or depending on their dryness.

The more natural you keep your hair, the better they would be. Healthier hair are easy to style and manage.

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