It’s not easy to move on from a painful breakup… especially if your ex-girlfriend is dating again. Even if you have already accepted the breakup, it can be devastating to find out that your ex-girlfriend is dating someone else. If you want to get her back, make sure you apply these things down below.
So, what’s a person to do if they’re experiencing this heart-wrenching situation? Even if you’re happy with how your life is going, it’s still not pleasant feeling to know your ex is seeing someone else (especially if it took you a while to get over the breakup).
Don’t despair, because there are some things you can do to alleviate your not so pleasant experience.
If you see your ex with someone else after just a few weeks of break up, it’s only normal to question whether or not your ex really cared that much about you, seeing that she has moved fairly quickly into a new relationship.
Although it might sound petty, you are secretly hoping that the she’s seeing this guy just to make you jealous. The truth is, your ego is more hurt than your heart right now because you feel as though your ex never really loved you. This would become worse if the two of you decided to be friends after the relationship ended. Chances are you'll hear some things that you would prefer not to know about the new relationship. It is only normal that you feel hurt and uncomfortable once you find out that your ex-girlfriend is dating someone else.
If your girlfriend is dating someone else, there are two things that you could do in reaction: act like it doesn't bother you or stay as far away from them as possible.
The option of toughing it up can be hard especially if you realize that you still love your ex. You should only try to act their relationship has no effect on you if your emotions are under control. Also, if your breakup wasn’t too recent, you should probably remain your distance in respect of her new boyfriend. It would make it very awkward for everyone if you and her new boyfriend were in the same room. Plus, the last thing you want is to do or say anything you may later regret.
There's a good chance that the new guy would act jealous if you and your ex are still close with each other and this could create ripples in their relationship. If you find that you just can't cope with the situation then come clean about it. Moving away from your ex is not a coward thing to do since you are still in the process of moving on with the break up. If your ex-girlfriend is dating someone else and is serious about it, then you need to focus on something else that doesn't involve her.
If your ex asks why you are doing this then be honest and tell them that you are having a difficult time seeing her with someone else. By creating a space for you to get over her, chances are much higher that you’ll move your life in forward direction.

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