When it comes to mental and emotional health, what is taking place internally can often be the point of focus. This will include: the thoughts that someone has, what their beliefs are, and their brain chemistry.

So if someone is not operating at their best, and they were to get into self-development, they could end up working on their mind. If, on the other hand, they were to go the more traditional route and paid a visit to their doctor, they might end up taking something to ‘rebalance’ the chemicals in their brain.

Cast Aside

In both cases, what is going on around them is going to end up being completely overlooked. The question is what if their inner world is not in a good way because to what is taking place around them?

Or of it is not this black and white, what if their external world is playing a small part in what is taking place within them? Undoubtedly, if what is going on out there is playing a part, focusing solely on what is going on internally is not going to be the answer.

Looking In the Wrong Place

Not only this, one can end up believing that there is something wrong with their mind or even their brain. The outcome of this is that they can feel even worse, which is not going to be a surprise if they see themselves as the problem.

If they have the proclivity to experience shame, they could end up experiencing even more thanks to what they have come to believe. This can be seen as further evidence that there is something inherently defective about them.

A New Viewpoint

However, if they were to go away for a few days or even went to a new area for a short while, they may find that their inner world starts to change. What this may illustrate is that where they were before was having a negative effect on their inner world.

Now that they have a new environment to compare it with, the effect that it is having on them will be crystal clear. Up until this point, experiencing life in this way would have been the norm and this would have stopped them from being able to connect the dots, so to speak.

Two Parts

One will be able to see that for as long as they live in the same place, it won’t matter what takes place internally. What this could do is cause them to be comfortable with living somewhere that isn’t a good fit for them.

Furthermore, if one has come to believe that there is something wrong with them, seeing that it is actually their environment that is the problem can allow them to let go of this belief. This alone can have a positive effect on their wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

If someone can see that it is their environment that is harming their mental and emotional health, it might be necessary for them to find somewhere else to live. But if this is not an option at this stage of their life, spending time in other places will definitely serve them.

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