One of the greatest fears of the parents is putting their child in the daycare. This is because when it comes to children, every parent is concerned about their security and safety. Hence, parents take their protection very sternly. Now daycare and after-school have also begun to understand the relevance of security of their kids. Parents before sending their kids to playschool or daycare want to ensure the sense of security for their children. As a result, the daycare, schools have started installing security cameras to their facilities.

Moreover, the recent news reports have stimulated parents to keep a check of the security measures used at the kid’s daycare centers. As these centers need to make sure that they are not only taking sufficient safety precautions but are also not scaring the children.

Following are the ways to ensure the safety of your kid’s in the daycare:

1) Security system
Security Systems are not just for keeping criminals or burglars at bay, but are also to keep your near and dear ones safe. They timely give you alerts about the whereabouts of your kids by recording the footage for future purposes as well.

2) Panic Pendants
With the advancement of technology, the latest electronic intruder-prevention devices have been introduced in the daycare. It is a high-security lock that is in the form of a pendant and has to be worn by the teachers around their necks.

This works very well in case of emergencies. Whenever they are alerted of a dangerous situation, they can push their pendants from anywhere in the school, this will lock the classroom doors automatically. Moreover, it is the best way to keep the intruders away who may have already entered the grounds.

3) Identification badges
The staff members in the daycare should be made to wear the identification badges that feature their photos. Wearing badges at all the times in the premises should be made mandatory. This will be helpful in authenticating the identity of the teachers due to which no one can enter the premises in the disguised form. Moreover, it will also be helpful in identifying the teachers accessing the premises.

4) Property assess methods
Signing in are important from a security perspective. Any person who enters the premises should be made to write down the details including their name, date and time. This will keep in check about the people entering the premises.

5) Remote assess
The remote viewing features give the parents accessibility to observe their kids’ whereabouts throughout the day. No matter they are in the office, market, home or at a friend’s place, they can view the footage either in the mobile phone or web browser by just downloading the app.
This feature is also beneficial for owners and managers of the organization to keep tabs on the after-working-hour activity on the property.

Last, but not the least, it’s not just about providing enough security for avoiding any misfortunate event, but to take necessary action if such an incident occurs. Teachers should be given enough guidance and training about the necessary steps that need to be taken in case of contingency.

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