In the world of tech, getting a new desktop, booting it and then enjoying its super speed functionality gives an exciting feeling to every user. Whatever you do, they work like a charm taking no more than a few seconds at the max.

Now fast forward a few months, or years, and all of a sudden, every task becomes laborious. Add to that, your reliable desktop gets stuck mid-process, and you experience completing tasks (which took seconds before) so annoyingly time-consuming. This is perhaps the downside of being tech-dependent, and it is something you can surely relate!

So... Why Does Your Computer Get Stuck Or Work Like a Snail? This post throws light on some possible reasons.

Reason #1:- RAM Is Insufficient

As your desktop runs, it continually writes information to the RAM for easy and prompt accessibility. But there are a few programs which can overwhelm your desktop’s memory space. It is common in cases when you add a new program in your relatively old/outdated machine.

With little remaining space, the program accesses the Hard drive directly and tries writing the information there. That makes the hard drive work overtime and makes it wear out quicker. 

So, when you call in professional computer repair technicians, check with them if the issue is due to insufficiency of RAM. There could be other issues. But still, there’s no harm in asking them for your knowledge and closure.

Reason #2:- Hard Drive Overload 

Each program consumes a certain amount of space in your desktop hard drive. This means that every time you add a new program, it takes up the existing space from your computer. 

So, before you bring in notable computer repair technicians serving the Sunshine Coast region; to see why your machine has turned into an electronic snail, open the installed program list first. Review carefully, see what you need, and delete the rest. 

A lot of temporary files or other junk can take up your hard-drive space. And for your machine to run smoothly; you need to keep at least 200-500 MB of free space to keep it working smoothly.

This will allow you to create a good amount of space from your device and make it work as smoothly as before.

Reason #3:-Your Computer Has Gotten Too Old!

Old age is OLD AGE- even for your computer- more so if your desktop works with HDD or Hard-Drive Discs. The repeated spinning of various components eventually causes wear and tear, thus forbidding the physical pieces to run properly. With time (and the age of the computer), the issue escalates, and that causes your desktop to keep slowing down.

Reputed computer repair experts in the Gold Coast region state that often this issue can be fixed by replacing the old hard drive with a larger HDD.

Still, to be on the safe side, it is best to consult with these repair technicians about your desktop’s lack-lustre performance. Having dealt with so many different kinds of desktops and laptop issues, they will happily provide you with quality services to better your device’s longevity. If the need arises, they will even suggest you possible upgrades, repairs and replacements to extend its life.

Author's Bio: 

The author... works as a computer repair technician in Gold Coast and over the years has delivered quality services to all the clients served. Plus, being in this industry, the author also knows about notable computer repair technicians serving the Sunshine Coast region.