Starting school is a huge change, and some children cope with change better than others (parents too!)
But what are the signs that your child is ready for school?
These are the factors to consider if your child is ready for school.

Have reasonable control over their behavior and emotions.
Can hold his pencil correctly
Can write her name
Can dress himself
Can hop, jump, and skip
Can cut out neatly
Can draw shapes
Knows her numbers
Can cope when minor things go wrong.
Can talk confidently to adults, ask for help and express their feelings.
Can entertain themselves.
Can make things for themselves.
Can tackle new or challenging tasks.
Can solve simple problems on their own and stand up for themselves.
Can look after their belongings.
Can respect others' toys and games, and share their own.
Have friends and can make friends.
In addition to that, he must also be emotionally ready.

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