Giving birth to a new life is one of the loveliest things that happen on this planet. Women go through a great deal to bring their baby into this world. The journey isn’t quite as lovely as the baby but it’s worth it.
So what exactly do we mean by this when we say the journey could be a little rough. Well for starters, a pregnant woman carries a life inside of her body which needs to be nurtured within the womb. Women have to stick to a certain set of diet to make sure the baby is getting all the nutrition it needs.
Then there are back pains due to an inflated belly throughout the pregnancy. However, the ultimate concern of all, at least statistically speaking, happens to be the exact time when the baby is ready to see the outside world. Sure, we can say with a certain degree that the time is 9 months but which day of the 9th month, which time of the day! That is the big question.
Why is it a concern? Well pregnant women have to worry a lot about the exact time that they’d be expecting their babies in their hands rather than in their bellies. The reason being that delivery is serious stuff and one can’t jeopardize the timing when it happens.
It’s often the case that a pregnant woman is far away from a hospital and suddenly their water breaks and they go into labor. Then there are times when labor pains start and the caretakers have to face traffic jams while rushing the pregnant woman to the hospital.
These are just two of the factors. But these are serious problems which can jeopardize the proper birth of the baby. So how can this problem be tackled. Well, it turns out that there is a solution, a due date calculator.
You heard that right! These online calculators can give you an excellent approximation of the time that you’d be giving birth to your baby with probabilities that are very close to 1.
These tools work by estimating the time of delivery usually based on the time and duration of your last period. So yeah, these variables would be something you’d have to remember for these tools to work.
The probabilistic delivery time then calculated falls within a narrow range of roughly 7 to 10 days. This in turn would give you a pretty good idea how to schedule your activities that leave space for these narrow range of days.
It is advised that you make sure that there is a hospital in your vicinity in this range of days and that you have people who are prepared 24 hours in this timeline to take you to the hospital at the right time.
Also, there is a lot of mental preparation that is required when you are expecting. A good approximation on when your baby would come into this world, would help you ready yourself mentally as well as physically to go through the process.
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