You are on your way up. You are advancing in your career faster than you thought possible. You are being given more responsibility. And rewards. And the workplace stress that goes along with it. You figure it's worth it. But does your family?

The bad health effects of the stress you experience go home with you. You feel tired because you are tired. Too tired physically and emotionally to connect with your spouse or your kids. You can't sleep, so mornings with you are like poking the bear for your family.

Can you use these 5 ways to keep workplace stress from affecting your family?
1. Pick a time that is family only time. My father passed away when I was very young, but my most enduring memories are those days that he would close the shop and tell us "its our day, boys!'. And then we would see the worst low-budget vampire movies ever.
2. Stay fit. One of the most insidious side effects of stress is that it weakens your defenses against stress. It's like having the walls of your castle being battered by catapults. If you don't take the time to make repairs, they fall into dust.
3. Delight in everything your family does. Stress, by being relentless, can easily cause you to slip into depression. Or at least a permanent bad mood. Find joy in things your family does, to counter this. Even when your kids talk back, delight in their independence.
4. Create a support network. You know, I actually dislike this term. These are friends. Stay in touch with your friends. Use them to vent to. Use them to get ideas from. And be there for them.
5. Attack the stress and transform it. Some stress can be managed and it will go away. But some stress must be attacked. Stress can be transformed into opportunities. And coming home excited about a new opportunity is better.

You may feel that you are handling the stress in your life. But ask your family how well you handle it. Look at the time you spend with them. Is it fun? Or is it a lot of yelling and anger? If you don't change how you attack stress, things will get worse.

Stress usually hides an opportunity for growth. But most stress management systems are designed to, and are focused on, merely making you feel better when you are under stress. The reality is that you don't want to feel good about stress. You want to feel good about moving through and past the stress. Using a comprehensive stress management system can help you with this.

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