In this modern internet-friendly age, people are preferring web rather than the real world. They prefer to read books online rather than having a hardcopy of the book, they prefer to shop online rather than visiting the local stores. And to solve all these requirements, having a website is a must for all online businessmen. When it comes to developing a website, WordPress is a widely popular option. And if you are thinking about why it is so popular, then, believe us, the advantages of building the website with this CMS is never-ending. However, it is undeniable too that there are better CMS or frameworks than WordPress and if you are thinking about is WordPress good for SEO or not then we are here to discuss it—

It Comes With Super Useful SEO-Plugins:

Do you know someone who is mad about WordPress, Yes! Getting someone like this is nothing unusual, as this CMS is loaded with tons of advantages. Among the wide-ranging advantages, the amazing SEO-friendly plugins are the best thing to enjoy with WordPress. And no one can deny that there is no better option rather than the WordPress which is equipped with this feature. The Yoast plugin and the All-In-One SEO plugin is the popular option that most of the WordPress users prefer to use to make the SEO Process successful. If you are thinking why these plugins are important for SEO then here are the advantages of these plugins—

Yoast Plugin:

• It helps you to write compelling content.
• You will get full control of site breadcrumbs.
• Preview of the snippet.
• Google preview.
• Updated XML sitemaps features.
• Canonical URLs.
• Readability check.

All-in-one SEO:

• SEO optimization is easier with it.
• Full XML sitemap support.
• Image XML support for image SEO.
• Advanced canonical URLs.
• You will get your Meta Tags automatically.
• SEO integration for both e-commerce and woo-commerce sites.

It Gives Search Engine-Friendly URLs:

Your chosen link for your website plays a great role in reaching maximum customers. And here comes the requirement of an SEO-friendly URL or permalinks. How much traffic you will gain through your SEO tactics depends on the URL of your website. Before giving you maximum profit, Google pays attention to the website links, therefore, if you are not sure about is WordPress good for SEO or not, hope, this point will solve your confusion. In addition, it is not the end, there are more benefits of building your website in WordPress if you are looking forward to SEO.

It Loads Your Site Faster:

Imagine the situation, your website is done and you are all set to start your online business, and the contents are already live on your website, however, there is no visitor on your website, now how your business will grow? Keep the fact in concern that if you are a failure in getting visitors on your website then your business will not reach maximum customers. Therefore, to gain a maximum number of customers you have to maintain a good speed in your site as well as engaging content, so that, people not only visit your site but also spend time on the website to know about your service or product, then they will be your customer.

It Offers SEO-Friendly Themes:

WordPress is known for its fresh-looking, modern theme as well as templates. Do you know themes plays a significant role in SEO result? Yes! It does and to enjoy that choosing WordPress themes is the best easiest option.
This was all about the advantages of choosing WordPress for website development. As a coin has two sides WordPress is just the same, it has some disadvantages too, like- it is prone to be hacked, customizations are not available, etc. However, the disadvantages are not more than the advantages. If you confused about is WordPress good for SEO, then, we can assure you that go for this CMS, it will give you the best experience.

Author's Bio: 

The article is written by Aparno Koner, who is experienced in the domain of content writing. She loves to read books, while she is not busy with her writing.